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    It integrates my free alarm codes website :)


    1. set an IP address for CD38A port (robot controller port 1) first, use ping to ensure the connectivity
    2. load karel\v9_bin\varviewer.pc to robot controller (v8_bin, v7_bin also provided)
    3. unlock HTTP: teach pendant -- menu -- setup -- HOST COMM -- 7 HTTP -- unlock KAREL:*
    4. double click _FRStatusViewer.exe, input robot ip address, press Tab key

    Known issues: It will not work if UOP signals are not configed.


    * We are keep improving _FRStatusViewer.exe, you may need to load newer `varviewer.pc` to robot controller after newer version released.

    * _FRStatusViewer.exe runs on Windows 10. It needs .NET Framework runtime version 4.6.1 or above on Windows 7

    frstatusviewer-1.png frstatusviewer-2.png

    I guess:

    pick pose (cartesian) ----- IK ----> several solutions --------> match configuration (NUT000) --------> final joint value

    Default configuration of FANUC 6-aixs robot is 'N U T 0 0 0', last zero means 6th axis value should be in [-179, 179].

    If one pick pose (cartesian) is odd, try to teach a new configuration to test.

    Finally, if you confirmed the problem is related to configuration, you may need to write programs to manually/automatically set configuration filed of P[n] or PR[n].



    Position registers support different position types, like joint position, carteisian position, etc.
    If you wanna do this programmatically, you can use PR[1,1] form to get first element of first position regsiter, then assign its value to group digital ouptuts.
    then put this program in Background logic, so that it keeps running.

    Catesian position maybe a XYZWPR or XYZWPREXT type, I don't see any manuals that describes its detailed structure.
    you don't need to know its binary format to complete this task.

        X: REAL
        Y: REAL
        Z: REAL
        W: REAL
        P: REAL
        R: REAL

    You may need a USB dongle to use PalletEdit.

    KUKA.PalletEdit is available in the following variants:

    | KUKA.PalletViewer  | Layer pattern editor, only for viewing application examples | No dongle necessary                                 |
    | KUKA.PalletLayout  | Layer pattern editor without optimization functions         | PalletEdit Layout dongle is required                |
    | KUKA.PalletPRO     | Layer pattern editor with optimization functions            | PalletEdit PRO dongle and software key are required |

    Your need [R648] USER SOCKET MSG. And if using TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP is not necessary.

    You have to write KAREL code to handle these data from Cognex camera. Data are transmitted over TCP/IP.

    Cognex In-sight manual - Robot Communications - FANUC Robot Controller - Ethernet Communication

    These software options are needed:
    - KAREL (R632)
    - User Socket Msg (R648)

    That seems like it could work but the software limitations say "KicVarGateway could not be used in real-time applications". Should I take this to mean that i could not operate and pull variables from the KRC4 while its moving? I need to activate motors at a certain step in the robots path.

    You can read or write KRL variables using KicVarGateway while robot is moving. It is not suitable for establishing cyclic communication at the real-time cycle rate of the robot controller, either is KUKA.Ethernet KRL

    Try this:

    Python Module of KicVarGateway.KRC4: