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    sounds like a problem with your 2 channel fence circuit, not both sides coming in at the same time.

    with the t1/t2 key in auto and the tp in auto and all fences closed. then
    In system/config reset chose reset chain failure then press reset
    also there is a sys var $scr.$chain_time you can open up to a larger number if you need to. but most likely you have a problem in the wiring/switches in the fence circuit

    not exactly the same but similar was happening to me a Handling tool 8.10 rev 13 or 14, Fanuc recommended the auto update to whatever rev it was back then and that fixed it up.

    I'll be setting up a new line tracker in about a month or so but for now...

    what is your encoder scale factor (counts/mm)
    what is your average updates set to?

    what are your boundary limits? up and down

    are you ever turning off the tracking? if so that may be the problem. I always turn it on in my home program and never turn it off again.

    Very useful post

    I wish to create a user alarm when a certain DI gets on but I am not able to write User alarm in BG logic as I am getting syntax error .
    Please help me guys I am a newbie and wish to learn

    Thanks in advance !!!!! :help:

    If di[1]=off jump lbl[1]

    and I have found this useful, you can use both a remote uop cycle start and the button on the controller.
    configure a DI it a Uop I cycle start then...
    IF (SI[6:Cycle start]),$REMOTE_CFG.$REMOTE_TYPE=(2)

    If you go with the HMI screens check out Microsoft Sharepoint Designer 2007. its a free download from Micro$oft and you can get the ipendant active X controls from the crc or I think if you call Fanuc will give you a download link via email.

    I don't know about the edu model and total speed but you were in the wrong place anyway.

    check $pram_group
    the group [1]
    then $ process_speed and $proc_spdlim

    try about 2000 in each of those. then go up from there.

    then you will need to check your .tp programs and up those L moves.

    Make sure She's mounted down good.

    If the edu model will not let you change it, try under a controlled start.

    I rememberer running into something like that. I only entered the sub program that would run line tracking after any wait to place the part. I would get over the conveyor and wait for whatever signal to go then... call place pick/place sub program and have the least amount of "wait" in that program.

    also as Nation has mentioned check refresh rate on the encoder setting or make the encoder wheel larger then recalibrate it.

    Also don't forget to turn off auto singularity avoidance in that sub program.

    frcopy is a command the can force copy a file on top of another file that is protected within a fanuc r30 controller, dose anyone know of a command to force delete a protected file?