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    You need to figure out the reach through of a persons finger through the 1" mesh, and the reach over of the fence. The ANSI/RIA documentation contains this information.

    see RIA TR R15.406-2014, [ISO 13857:2008, Table 2] for fence height

    see RIA TR R15.406-2014, ISO 13857:2008,, Table 4 for reach through for the mesh.

    Hello All,

    I was reading about the DCS Orientation Fix. I was wondering what situations or applications this would be helpful. Does any one of have example of a time that they used the Orientation Fix?


    On the virtual pendent at the bottom there are 3 tabs, select virtual robot settings. You can now define your UD1 path on your computer. once complete, backup the robot as you would normally do on a real controller. You can then restore the backup in a controlled start on the real controller.

    I use a laser with a distance reading on it and a special target. It works well for userframes but is a bit expensive.

    At my facility we use aux axis for dial tables and trunnions. We put the positions in the macro table and call the program via DI. This way the arm can be off doing something else, and the Aux Axis and get into its operator load position.

    You need to have a safety device or PLC select the tool. At the top of the screen set it to tool changer which i think is negative 1. Then Assign the Model number and the Safe tool TCP you want to use.

    Hello All,

    Just wondering if anyone has see a purchased cable package for a 120iC. I have a mig welder that will also have a small gripper. The mig welding portion is fine, it's the air supply, 24v and communication cable. Any suggestions would be nice!

    First you need to make a user model that covers the tool. This can be done under user models in the DCS Menu. The model is made up of elements. I would suggest not using the Cube shape as this takes up a lot of process time. Use the Line Seg, 2 Sphere and Point to create your model. Leave the Link type as 99, i assume your EOAT is on the faceplate. The coordinate system is based off the flange plate

    Next for the zone, you need to select your user model. Select the desired zone under Cartesian position check, Under Target Models, select the corresponding number with the user model you have created. If you do not want the robot to be used with the zone, then remove the target area that has a -1, and change it to 0.

    I hope that helps! :top:

    Hello All,

    I am using a robot with v8.3 and spot tool plus. I was checking some pressures on a weld gun and noticed them to be off by about +/- 50 pounds. I decided to re calibrate the pressure. When I was calibrating, everything appeared to be correct, but when I did a manual press, the pressure was still off. I then noticed that the pushing depth on the calibration screen was different from the pushing depth I was using in the pressure schedule. I changed the pressure schedule pushing depth to match the calibration, and then the pressure was bang on.

    Should I be calibrating with the same pushing depth as I am going to be welding with?



    I figured it out. The copy_file command will not load an individual file. however it will load in every file of a specific type from selected folder. So it should be written something like this:

    COPY_FILE('UD1:\test\*.STM', 'MD:\', TRUE, TRUE, STATUS)

    Also the load file command doesn't support *.stm files

    Hello All,

    I am trying to use a karel routine to load a *.stm file. I have tried the Load and Copy_load commands but I am not having any luck. Below is what I have been using:

    LOAD ('UD1:\test\test.STM',1,STATUS)

    COPY_FILE('UD1:\test\test.STM', 'MD:\', TRUE, TRUE, STATUS)

    Both the commands compile fine with no problems, but when I run the pc file it locks up with the copy_file routine, and with load command it completes but nothing was loaded.

    I am able to load the *.stm file via the teach pendent menus.

    With the load command I am also able to load *.tp files, but no luck with the *.stm.

    I have also tried directories other than MD:\, but no luck.

    Any suggestions?

    I am using spot tool + p34 and 8.3 software.

    Hello Robot Forum,

    I am currently having a problem with the interrupt function. I a using KRC4 KR180 with KSS 8.3.22.

    It seems that when I trigger the interrupt, the sub program is not called until the robot has arrived at the point it was travelling to. The interrupt should be calling the sub program immediately as the variable changes state. what is even more perplexing is that i have similar code functioning on a KRC2 and it works perfectly fine.

    example code:

    Any idea why this is happening?

    Hello Robot Forum,

    I am adding a basic position in a controlled start via menu item 9 maintenance. One of the questions that is asked is "Exponential Filter Setting, Exp Filter Valid TRUE or FALSE". What does this option do? Attached is a screen shot.

    The next menu item is exponential accel time. I know this adjusts the accel time of the axis as it is ramping up. Do these 2 menu items relate to each other?

    Thanks for your help Robot Forum.