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    Hi Jay!

    I have just downloaded your program and I think its great!

    Yet, I have two questions:

    1. Could you please provide some more examples on how to use SET command? I am trying to save configuration with following command but he doesnt want to accept it:

    fexcel set c:/users/t.stampar/Downloads/spreadsheet1.xlsx --gins G2 --save ./savedata.yaml

    2. Is it possible to just download all data without using flags, just this template?

    Thank you very much!

    Kind regards,


    Hi guys,

    sorry to bring this topic from the dead but I was wondering if somebody has some manual for IRC5 or IRC5P with commands, for example how to make B-Start, Warmstart and so on...?


    Hi guys,

    I'm having strange issue with R-J3iC Controller. I wanted to load some programs in controller that I shifted in roboguide. Previously these programs were in the controller with the same name (62 TP programs). When I loaded them, on some of these 62 TP programs, in comment says "Not Loaded" and they are empty. I checked then in Roboguide, they are not empty and they have a normal comment. When I load them again, one by one, then everything is ok. Has anybody here had the same issue?

    Thanks in advance!

    After all I did it in System job and it works great :)

    What I'm not sure, and maybe somebody know here, is system job running in the loop or just one? I did inside infinite loop but haven't tried without it :merci:

    Ok, I think I found solution, in Concurrent IO I have to connect #50440 with internal memory address like #76670 and then I have to do the GRP block (which I have no idea what is that) and in this block I have to write #30730 and #76670. I think this GRP block is a block where I connect internal addresses with profinet adresses. Maybe if someone can explain it correctly, I would be grateful :)

    Hi guys!

    Its me again :) now I have DX-100 with profinet (also defined in Yaskawa). In my last project I had DX-200 with profinet defined by Yaskawa and inside was one byte called "control group running" - it would set one bit on 1 when group R1 would move. My PLC guys used that bit for something important and now in DX-100 profinet interface there is no byte "Controlled group". In this project we use only one bit from this byte (group R1). Is there any possibility to implement this bit on my interface? Maybe from Concurent IO? but even if there is such a bit as system bit, I don't know it's address. :( so pls :help:

    Tnx to all!

    Ok, I found it and tested it, seems like I have it but I'm not sure did we payed for it or not... I'm sure that System job is payed option on DX-200 controller which I find really bad...

    :merci: everyone

    not really, that means that every point I have to transfer to my new user frame :( but :merci:

    You can use "Relative Job"

    If you already teach some programs with robot origin, you can converse to "Relative Job" and select your own user frame.

    where is that "Relative Job"? I have DX-200 controller

    Hi all! I'm sorry but I couldn't find answer to my question, still a Yaskawa Noob :(

    Anyway, I know that in Fanuc I can write in the begining of program which userframe and toolframe program should use. So what we do here in my company, we build the whole system, test everything, teach some programs to see if everything works (sometimes get a good products) and then we disassemble everything, ship to our customer, and then assemble again. When we teach programs, we usually make a userframe on the station or turning table and when we assemble it again, programs work in 99% of cases.

    So my question is how to assign userframe to a program or points like in Fanuc or is it somehow different in Yaskawa and how to do this? :help:

    Thank you very much! :merci:

    yes, I understand what you mean but in my controller relays that start with #2XXXX are associated with external input :( when I open my LST with MLadder, I have inside GOUT blocks but there isn't any that starts with #2xxxx, I have only for example #76xxx or #75xxx or #56xxx...

    also I have two ladder diagrams, one is User Ladder and one is System Ladder. Above I said for User ladder

    I asked YASKAWA on Hotline last week that but they said that is not possible, you can only turn off beep sound which sounds when you store a point or something like that but I think you are not interested in that :D hopefully somebody has a solution :yesyesyes:

    Ok, after I have read your post several times to understand what you want me to do, I think i finally understood :toothy9: me -> :fine: :fine:

    I have Concurrent IO for DX-100 from here…y-list/msg17889/#msg17889
    for example, lets say I will set address #00100 on 1 when one of mine input signals are 1...
    this #00100 is IN#0073 and it belongs to IG#010 which I cant find in this PDF (or its relay no.) so according to that, I have problems finding it in Ladder diagram. one more question: should I look for it in User Ladder or in System Ladder?

    Thank you very much! :merci:

    I have tried that also but when I press compile, I get an error that I have inputed wrong Relay No. :( in ladder he only accepts setting Relay No.'s from outputs :(

    I cant connect together this two signals because later in program when robot stops his movement I have made two IF loops which are dependent on this signals... if signal1 is activated - then rotate for 10degrees, if signal2 is activated - then rotate for 6 degrees.

    I really dont know what else to try, in ABB its so much easier :(