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    Before, when on servo in LT-TEACH mode, the green collaborative light is in but Robot display error 8006,8007

    After I disnabling the PLT Function and when the servo is on in LT mode, the green collaborative light not on, white light also not on and robot don't display error 8006,8007

    I check force in arm. It "0" and manual speed still default.

    Thanks with this step for direct teach,

    I followed this step but this application on my my robot is LT-TEACH. IT dont [TURN HANDING GUID ON/OFF]

    When I turn on servo. robot not display error but use hand move it. Robot don't move.

    I have check D variable from 205-350. It still correct. I think need change a parametter ??


    Thank you for advice.

    Robot is HC10 not HC10DT. Indeep, I have a ancient software on this system.

    I try disnable Force limit but alarm not still.

    I haven't installed tool yet, It is related to the setting force on the arm.



    Hi everyone,

    I have a robot YRC1000 with HC10 controller. I want to use LT-TEACH Function ( Lead- Through Teach)

    When I enter this function and turn on servo, robot display error 8006,8007

    I dont know with YRC1000 HC10 controller. Ro?bot can use LT- Teach?

    And if can, How to use it?

    Thank you very much!

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    Hi everybody

    I have a panarobot. It lose Battery 3.6v in mainboard. I had replace Pin and i want to load backup from PC to robot

    When i choose "E.Memmory" to reload then Robot display " Selection is not possible".

    I try change some parameter but nothing change.

    Please help me resolve, Thanks, thanks

    Hi :help:

    I have a fanuc robot with rj3 controller size B. It's working normally sudden error. The screen's teach pendant not show.

    I check fuse then see FUSE 1 (1A) in E-STOP board is broken.

    I had replace it then teach pendant is normally. But now robot display alarm SRVO-213 Fuse Blown (panel board).

    I also check a few fuse but it nomally. I don't know check all fuse of robot.

    Please help me resolve this trouble. Thanks :beerchug:

    I have Kawasaki robot with C controller. It’s display error ERROR (-1102) VME bus error.

    please help me resolve!!! Thanks thanks :merci:

    Hi everyone!

    I have robot VR08. Before i used it with mig weldding. Now, i want to change connect to TIG weldding machine. I have diagram cable mig weldding but diagram tig is not.

    Please guide me!!! Thanks thanks :merci: :merci:

    I have osacom alpha robot. When I turn on power robot, the monitor's TP display alarm EA00101-0000 (EMERGENCY STOP) and I see led 311 in IO board light. I can't reset this alarm although I had check all emergency stop button and all normal. Please help me resolve this alarm. Thanks :waffen100:

    Thanks for reply.
    Now, i have a big troublem with rj3 M6i when i want to run auto a program. For run auto progam i do press Shift + Reset after disable TP but when I release Shift, robot display error SRVO 006 Hand Program. Give me advice. Thanks

    Hello all
    I have read on manual for fanuc r-j3b:

    ''When the enable key on the teach pendant is turned off while the shift key is held down, the program
    continues to run without a pause, even after the shift key is released. However, this function is enabled only
    when system variable $TPRUNACCEPT is set to 1. (The variable is factory–set to 0, indicating that this
    function is disabled.)"

    I have fanuc robot r-j3 M6i. I don't know with system r-j3b and -rj3 different I want to set $TPRUNACCEPT but i don't see it in system variable. Please help me!! :merci:

    Hi all. I have a OTC robot (robotland). I have big troublem with it. I had reset encoder (SYS.SET -->ABSO-->ABS Reset) and calip robot (ABS --> MECH.1). After calip. I turn on again power. When servo on by servo on button. Display screen of TP is ABS..... follow in picture. I can't do perform work other. I have try calip again but don't. Please help me resolve this troublem. Thanks :waffen100:

    Hello all. I have fanuc robot arcmate 100i with rj2. I want to ask 2 issue of how it operates. . .
    Problem 1:
    I want to teach robots moving circle. I have reference material is known to teach the circle, the command structure is as follows:
    J P [1]
    C P [2]: intermediate point
    P [3]: destination point
    I want to ask is when record point P [3] I have to manipulate how?
    Problem 2:
    My current robot after about 27s if not scrolling it automatically disconnect the power servo. Which of my robot axes can not break like that are so annoying. I want to know is there any way to increase the timeout or disable this function.
    Please help me resolve... Thanks :help:

    Thanks all.. I have relsove this truoblem. The reason by cabinet of shock. It is broken and touching the robot itself makes 24v power failure. :merci: