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    Sorry, I misread your post and understood, that you want to copy the file to memory card (MC)!

    I think copying files to MD is not allowed, it's actually an internal memory area. Use LOAD if you want to use the program on the robot or create a folder in FR and store the file there.

    What card is that? Molex or Siemens? Which FW-version?
    I only have experience with Siemens and normally you should be able to change the amount of signals in MENU - SETUP - Profinet screen.

    From my experience, this means that the memory card is dead (or maybe too big). Thy another one (max 2GB), if that doesn't help, replace the adapter (assuming, that you use CF cards).

    I always press the data button, then I can do what I want.

    and that's exactly what I do. The TP's focus seems to always jump back to the running program, as soon as it's displayed anywhere on the screen.

    If you need to see the currently running program, you can also switch it to LOOK mode - the cursor will stop jumping around and will allow you to work in the other window.

    you'll need PRs for that - either with JOINT position (where you'll be able to directly change the J4's position) or CART/cartesian position, (where you'll be able to edit the R coordinate, which represents rotation around axis Z).

    Safety plc and relays would be 2 different things, I would say either use one or the other

    That's what I mean - you either use a safety PLC, or Safety PMC/Safe IO Connect with safety relays.

    IDK if it's allowed to write some arbitrary logic for different safety devices. They should react to different events (like reset) in a defined manner. That's why these ready-made blocks are available in safety PLC programming tools - they are certified "black boxes" that can only have some signals assigned to them - but their working principle cannot be changed.
    Safety relays work in a similar manner to these program blocks - you can connect some predefined signals to them, but can't influence the way they work.

    The only thing you need to figure out is a connection to the robot.
    If you have it, you can access the robot in a couple of ways, including FTP, echo the teach-pendant (only observe what is going on on the screen) or even take control over the TP. All that with configurable passwords.

    it's a safety function, as Safe IO Connect is. You can either write:


    using Safety PMC, or:

    SPO[1:EstopOk] = SIR[1] AND SIR[2]
    SIR[1] = SPI[1:Estop1] AND SPI[2:Estop2]
    SIR[2] = SPI[3:Estop3] AND SPI[4:Estop4]

    using Safe IO Connect - and get the exact same result. The more complicated the system is, the more convenient it is to use Safety PMC instead of Safe IO Connect.

    The problem is that you can't properly evaluate/diagnose/monitor the status of each safety device, which can be done by means of any proper safety PLC (pic related). That's why safety relays should be used - to ensure all that.
    And in this case, the SPIs mentioned in the examples above should come from the relays' outputs.

    Software version 9.10 would be the R-30iB Plus already.

    Assuming, that the installed software has all the motion groups already defined (afaik not possible to do it via TP), you'll have to configure everything in the Controlled Start, according to your hardware setup.