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    Hello All,
    I have a r200ib 200T R30ia robot that handles material for 4 cnc horizontal milling machines. My problem is the machine priority. I would like to start a timer for each machine when it becomes ready for service, a total of four timers. Then have the robot constantly monitor those 4 timers and determine which machine it should service first by the machine that has been ready for service the longest. Thank you for the help!!

    I have recently ran into this issue on one of our cells as well. I purchase option # R798 from Fanuc. It is a DRAM file storage option. After the install, when you create a program, you can choose where to save it to. If you save your programs to "Shadow on demand" you can still call the programs like a normal TPP program. The cost was $550.00 u.s.d.

    – The "Shadow" storage type allows for programs to available at robots start up.
    – The "Shadow On Demand" storage type allows programs stored in DRAM to be
    ready when called.
    – The "File" storage option allows users to configure external storage. Files can be
    stored on a memory card, USB, or even network storage.

    Hope this helps...

    Hello All,
    We recently had to replace one of our laser sensors due to internal contamination (coolant residue). I believe some residue got on the laser module inside of the unit and was skewing one of the laser lines causing adverse effects on pick positions. Due to the age of the sensor, 8/2010, Fanuc CRC says that they can not rebuild it. Does anyone on here know of a place that does this type of work that is reasonably priced and reliable? Part number is: A05B-1405-B131


    We are currently very close to reaching our maximum memory capacity on one of our cells. We have already upgraded the memory to I think the max? Is there a way to "DNC" programs in and out of the R30iA controller? We are needing to add a couple of new part types and I am afraid we may run out of our TP memory. I really would not like to have to save and delete programs every time we run a different part type. If we could hook up to the controller via eithernet, and download programs on the fly, that would be great. Any insight on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

    You could try lowering your score & contrast threshold to see if that helps. It looks like that would be the best feature to use for the mask judging by your picture. You could try to mask everything then erase the center and edges of the hole, then draw a mask circle in the center. leaving just the edge of the hole to be found.

    What is your end goal with this vision process? Do you want to pick the part? If so, how far can you be off? Is this being used for inspection? If so, what kind of tolerance do you have? This information will help determine the most effective way to find this feature.

    Has anyone installed a 3 position key switch on their R30iB cabinet? We are trying to enable T2 mode on one of our new robots. I cant seem to find anything about this anywhere. In the past we have installed this same switch on a R30iA cabinet with success, but the connectors are different in the B series. Any help would be great. For the switch we are using Fanuc Part #: XGMF-19524

    Will this switch work?
    Is there any kind of wiring diagram?
    Is there any software changes that will need to be made after?


    Has anyone ever made a semi-portable machine tending robot cell? Our machines are Horizontal CNC's. We would like to have something that we could put in front of a machine for a while with the possibility of moving it if we needed to. Just curious what every ones thoughts were on this....

    Hello All, We have been experiencing camera cable failures quite often on our 200T under-slung robots. The cable is an made by Empire and it runs from J2-J6. Just wondering if anyone else has had issues like this and if so, what was the fix? Any input would be appreciated. I have attached a picture of one of the damaged cables we changed out today.

    Hello all,
    I was wondering if there was a way to display the vision runtime screen on a remote HMI panel some way... We are always looking at this screen and it would be nice to just be able to display it on the HMI panel somewhere. :yesyesyes:


    We currently have two Fanuc R2000iB 200T under-slung rail mounted robots with the Fanuc IR Vision package. Like SkyeFire said, the lighting and image quality are our main problems we have. The system will be working fine for months then all of the sudden I need to connect to the controller and adjust the exposure time or some of the threshold set points. We use our vision to pick up raw castings from wooden pallets. We try to find a distinctive geometric feature on the casting that will create a nice clean shadow when lighting is applied to it. Then we will typically move to a flat location for the lasers to fire on. Another issue we have had is coolant making its way inside of the camera and laser housings. We had to build a box with shutter doors on it to house the cam and laser in to prevent failure due to coolant interaction. Keeping the laser and camera lens clean is important as well.

    Hope this helps!

    We are currently looking at ways to repurpose one of our machine tending Fanuc R2000iB 200T robots and would like to know the best way to go about doing it. I had planned on just buying the QC-210 tool changer from ATI and attaching it to the faceplate of the robot. What are your opinions on this? How dose the current I/O setup work with the QC tool? Also, does anyone else do this same procedure? any and all information will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

    We are going to be integrating a R2000iB 185L with the IR vision package and had a question about data transfer from the robot to a machine tool (Doosan Lathe). We would like to use the vision to determine the rotational angle of the part and send the data to the machine tool to offset the "C" axis. The reason for doing this is that we do not have enough rotational room with the robot to pick the part at the offset we would like to due to the EOAT and reach. So my question is, I know we can see the rotational value with the robot but how would you recommend sending this data to the machine?

    Thank you very much,