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    In documentation is about arc_spot that is a optional function and i dont know if you must buy it from Comau directly..

    I don't have smartarc anymore because we make onw app for comau robots for welding so i cant make some tests..

    when you try it do you get some error message?

    Hi Vladarius, thanks for replying.

    Yes, that the option is disabled, but the routine can be declared with no issues. The problem is when calling the instruction. Did you mean you can make some tests? or it was written right.:/

    I'm in need of implementing Touch sensing, and arc spot, but Comau guys go really slow. I'm still waiting for answers.

    I'm also expanding the tools for welding additional parts, and I'll try to do a 2 axis dual station for positioning parts to the robot.

    Of course, I guess, it's impossible to do it in a coordinated way, so with a simple multi position solution I'll be happy. I must say that I remember

    your application posted some time ago, Perhaps I ask you for some help,


    Hi there,

    I've installed a robot and a base. 7th axis is configured as RECT-X base, and robot moves on top of it in a linear path.

    I need to perform some asynchronous motion with robot and base, because robot has to perform some tasks interacting

    with tooling also mounted on the base while the base translates from the starting point to a second final point.

    The idea is to gain time with robot moves while the base translates.

    If motion is coordinated, then I have to perform robot tasks and motions with the base still on the first point and after robot ends, perform the base displacement.

    You may wonder why no to coordinate them, well, its because the start and end point of the base movement is variable, but robot moves don't, robot moves are always the same in each cycle.

    I've noticed that configuring 7th axis as a Station, allows to perform asynchronous movements, but still I don't know if this is correct when using a linear base.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi, the signal that must be activated is Process YES command. This signal corresponds to $IN412. There is a Application page in IO_MAP, there you select Direction-->Output and the set the Process Yes command to an input comming from PLC already mapped before.

    Then you use this signal to enable/disable dry runs from the hmi, and the check for errors by operators, for instance.


    Bon giorno,

    I can give you an answer in english mio caro amico. In SETUP>STARTUP you may define a startup program. Create that program and define what programs you want to be loaded at startup, Example



    SYS_CALL('ML', 'UD:\\usr\\main')

    SYS_CALL('ML', 'UD:\\usr\\CLEANTORCH')


    END startup



    I have this robot mounted on a base/rail. The 7th axis can be configured to save every position point in a synchronized manner.

    But, I need to move the base between two points but perform several moves on the robot is self as the base goes from one point to the other.

    That is, that the first and last point of the robot moves shoud be synchronized with the base first and second, but the robot moves in between should be

    performed independently of the base position or speed.

    Am I right with the independent coordinated function?

    I work with Motosim but I can't manage to solve the issue.



    And what if you want the robot perform several move instructions while a base (external, 7th axis) performs just one move, so as to gain time while the robot moves form one side of the rail to the other, could you do this?

    MOVJ V=50 NWAIT **this movement is only of the base

    MOVE P001 ** R1 does one mov

    MOVE P002 ** R1 does another mov

    DOUT OT#(1) **you open a valve

    MOVE P003 ** R1 does another mov

    CWAIT ** the base reaches the point, coordinating the end of P003 robot movement.

    or, is there another way of doing so?



    I've been having the same issue, randomly, but subcode is (2). YRC1000/GP25_12/seventh axis on a rail too.

    Did you solved the problem? Or at least found out what causes it?

    Thank you!

    Thank you,

    Yes.. communication is via profinet and on c5g is running nohold program for controlling.. even you can have your own commands in IDE editor program like run motor on position or run with specific velocity etc..

    I guess that sync with the arm is not possible, I mean as an alternative to a standard 7h axis?


    That program will cycle.. there is command cycle after begin.. and this nohold program will run allways and running in background just load him in prog .. it will have green circle.. that means the program is running.. it is simple program just waiting for din 1 signal.. and deactivating and activating resets the main program.. just try it and let me know..


    I've tried on Robosim and worked fine. It is just what I was looking for. In Motoman these programas are called System Jobs, due to the can run in parallel with motion jobs. Also Motoman has a ladder that runs continuously in the back, where you can make further logic, which runs faster,

    I wonder if Comau has a ladder to. As far as I know, there is nothing like that.

    Thanks again!

    Hi Vladarius!:)

    Thanks again for your help. This code is great because it's simple and clear, but, I still don't realize how, if you have another program activated and running, this program would react to the digital input if it's not activated and running first?

    I wonder if there is a way of making this job run cyclically and could be left that way and at the same time start and run main other sub routines, so when DIN[1] is activated main is deactivated as wished by the operator.



    You can use external input to $DI and make in robot nohold program where when is this DI true then Deactivate MAIN.cod and Activate MAIN.cod.. it resets main program.. i hope you need something like that..

    Exactly. But how to I link a $DI to a nohold program, so when the input turns ON, the nohold program executes, no matter what other program is activated or running?

    Thanks Vladarius.:thumbup:

    There are a lot of unknowns here. How did you come up with 5 arms?

    Most of the time, arm choice is driven by reach, or by payload. The number of arms is typically driven by the number of products you need to produce in a given amount of time.

    You will need to give us more information on your cell before we will be able to help you.

    We have a good record on this multinational company, they offered to do a proposal to such job of 5 arms. And of course, if help is offered I can provide sufficient information. Although I've already selected them, has a pretty chart for filtering according to these criteria you are naming.

    They are 5 because there are 5 consecutive cells performing sucesive task on the same part.

    Big thanks Nation! I apologise for asking that way.

    Anyway, do you know about fieldbus customization of a M-20iA/12L? Im wondering if they bring a standard protocol, and if adding new ones is as easy as inserting a PCI board, or enabling it with a purchase code.:/

    HawkME Do you know the requirements for achieving integrator status? Is it determined by the number of manipulators purchased in a year or is it based on testing and training?

    From Fanuc told that after a succesful and clean first purchase and integration there's a big chance of being integrator. If not, the second shot for sure.

    Hi Vladarius,

    I'm very happy to receive help from you, but I still cant find the way of doing this Memory Load and then Program Activation of the startup program by means of external inputs.

    To be more practical: Suppose the robot stops because of an alarm. The operator solves the issue down in the robot area. Then he wants to resume the job from where the robot stopped, then it is simple: from the external master source (plc) you simply give the Drive On command, and then the Start command.

    But, now assume you dont want to resume the job. You drive the arm to the HOME pos and then you want to call main.cod and do the usual start procedure. Here is the question, are you supposed to cold restart to call main? Or do you need to do it manually from the TP? I guess that there is a way of mapping some input to a sys_call procedure to call main, I mean, you give a 1 to an external input going from plc to robot, there the robot deactivates the whatever job is activated, then resets it, and then loads main, and activates main., for finally do Drive ON and Start..

    I hope it's not confusing.

    Thanks again Vladarius!

    Fanuc doesn't give out the manual for free unless you buy a robot. You could contact them to buy one.

    You will want the HandlingTool manual. It is pretty comprehensive.

    Other than that use the resources on this forum. There are some helpful sticky posts at the top under the "Manuals and tools section", though no actual manuals due to their copyright issue. I also recommend the One Robotics blog.

    Thanks HawkME. Looks to me that this company doesn't care much about other than big projects...

    The customer is buying the arms, not me, so I need to look another way. i'll look on those spots and see what I can do.

    Hi everybody,

    I'm Motoman integrator since 2010, but not about FANUC robots.

    I've such a huge opportunity to catch, but first I need to master this yellow guys.

    This application is a machine tending one. Only pick and place. Perhaps interacting with CNC milling machines.

    Perhaps there will be fieldbus communication, perhaps vision.

    My question is, is there enough PDFs available to get the reasonable level of knowledge I'm in need?,

    If so, where to look for it?

    If not, where to begin?

    Many many thanks in advance.