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    I have a DX1200 controller with one MA1900 and a RM2 positioner. When I use the instruction SCOMARCON the robot does not oscilatte.
    Have a parameter to set? Special instrution?
    The system running ok with the COMARCON instruction.
    Thanks :yesyesyes:

    I'm studing a way to create an alarm to stop the robot and notify the operator to change the contact tip.
    I'm think to one register to add the value ot arc open time, but where is these time?
    Anyone can help to find these value/variable/register to pu in a job before the torch cleaner operation.
    Or if this is more easy please coment bellow.

    Best Regards :yesyesyes:

    Check the wiring in the torch, inside the controller and test the circuit with a multimeter.
    To disable shock sensor you need to go to the menu Robot, shock sensor detection level and set the configuration. Be careful, running robot without shock sensor can be dangerous to you, your jigs and the robot.

    Hello Asgary,
    I think the simple way is change one variable and create a master job to read this variable.
    You can use one IG to write these variable in the controller.
    For examble:

    CALL JOB 1 IF IG# XX 1
    CALL JOB 2 IF IG# XX 2

    P.S. I,m not in the factory now to confirm the "program" above.

    For me this is the simpliest way.

    Robodoc, it's out off topic, but here in my city ( and in Brazil) many houses have three phase power. My house is one, I have 3 phase power with 380V between the three phases. But I use one phase for "each room" and in this case I have 220V between the phase and negative. If I had money i put one little robot to work in my garage, but the money is the problem now, and the solution too. :beerchug:

    Hello Torin,
    I have three very old cells with two SK6 robots adn one positioner each. This cells were buyed from Robotec ( actually yaskawaGermany) and came from Brazil in 1996 ( or 1998 i don't remember now).
    To comunicate with these cells I use Motoman FDE and works very well.
    To programming offline you can try Motosim and translate the job to relative. In real controller you create de UF# in the same position and load the job (relative) via FDE.

    Hello for all!!
    I need help to create one user alarm in NX 100 controller.
    IF one I variable reach the value of 30 I pulse the OUT with the lgical number #11286
    IF IXX>30 PULSE OUT####
    In ladder i put this OUT #### in the same line of the logical number # 40141.
    Like this:
    #11286 #40141
    --| |-------------O---

    But the controller pulse the out and dont generate the alarm.

    Have an error in my ladder