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    hello to all

    I recently bought a used ABB robot and I don't have the passwords for the various access levels. My robotware is 6.xx .

    Does anyone know a procedure to access the SD card and delete some files as we do in

    thank you all...



    Fist you have to connect robot to conveyor. Move the robot to max reach area. Get the value and put on program. See exemple below... Where 0.9 is the maximum distance for the robot pick the object.



    IF AOutput(c1Position)>0.9 THEN


    WaitTime 0.02;

    GOTO Lb02;


    WaitWObj wobjpick;

    So, You don't have Conveyor tracking option?

    Try this were you can change the value of external axis an input in reg 1 and move this value into external axis position.

    Module xxxx

    PERS robtarget pStartPoint:=[[-80,0,45],[0.000540308,-0.72238,0.691495,-0.000986037],[0,-4,0,0],[9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,0]];

    PROC yyyy ()

    MoveL pStartPoint, vmax, z20, Tool;

    MoveL Offs (pStartPoint,20,0,0) vmax, z20, Tool;

    !Exemple move 10


    extax. eax_f:= reg1;

    MoveL Offs (pStartPoint,20,0,10) vmax, z20, Tool;

    MoveL Offs (pStartPoint,20,0,0) vmax, z20, Tool;

    MoveL Offs (pStartPoint,20,0,10) vmax, z20, Tool;



    Hi Wellrick

    !CNV1 Pick

    WaitWObj wobj1\RelDist:=100; ! \RelDist:=100; If you need an offset in X before pic. (It is opcional)

    MoveL pStartPoint, vmax, z20, Tool_2\WObj:=wobj1;

    MoveL Offs (pStartPoint,20,0,0) vmax, z20, Tool_2\WObj:=wobj1;

    MoveL Offs (pStartPoint,20,0,10) vmax, z20, Tool_2\WObj:=wobj1;

    MoveL Offs (pStartPoint,20,0,0) vmax, z20, Tool_2\WObj:=wobj1;

    MoveL Offs (pStartPoint,20,0,10) vmax, z20, Tool_2\WObj:=wobj1;


    Hello TMB,

    Sorry for not presenting an answer to your problem, because I am experiencing exactly the same situation. I am programming a flexpicker with the DSQC 2000 board and the trigger is intermittent. The program is stopped at the WaitWobject instruction. Is your trigger on the sensor input of the board or do you use the internal trigger? Finally, did you solve the problem? If so, can you help me?

    Hi Mr Panic and anyone with the same problem:

    Finally the board is working. I will post the solution here to help others who have the same problem. I appreciate the help of Mr Panic above who helped a lot.

    I will give the two solutions that solved the problem and made communication work.

    I have them here. 3 input bytes and 2 output bytes.

    In the final configuration on the robot it looked like:

    5 input bytes ( total input boards + total output)

    2 output bytes.

    ETHERNETIP_DEVICE: -Name "Point_IO" -VendorName "Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley"\ -ProductName "1734-AENT/C Ethernet Adapter"\ -Label "1734-AENT/C Ethernet Adapter - Assembly Exclusive Owner"\ -Address "" -VendorId 1 -ProductCode 108 -DeviceType 12\ -OutputAssembly 100 -InputAssembly 103 -ConfigurationAssembly 102\ -ConnectionPriority "SCHEDULE" -OutputSize 2 -InputSize 5\ -ConfigurationSize 10\ -ConfigurationData00 "01 00 00 00 06 00 00 01 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 00"

    And finally the number 06 in Configuration data above represents the total number of boards including the control head.

    01 CPU +3 inputs +2 outputs

    Hi everyone!

    I am having a hard time setting up the network of a robot with RW and a simple Allen Bradley 1734-AENT remote I/O. Does anyone have a backup of EIO.CFG to send me as an example?

    I appreciate the views and the response if any.


    I need the manuals for the DSQC 2000 encoder reader board.

    It seems to me that it is quite new.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you!

    Hello everybody...

    What do I have to configure on an ABB robot, besides the base frame, when I have to install this robot on the ceiling or on a wall at 90 degrees? Is the base frame enough for the joystick to control the movements as if it were on the ground?

    Thank you!

    Hello to all.

    In the Lincoln welding machine is there a signal to inform back to the ABB robot if the welding was performed within the requested parameters? I’m doing a security weld and I really need this information.

    Thank you!!!

    Good afternoon everyone.
    I am in need of an abb Robot Backup integrated with LINCOLN welding machine. I actually need proc.sys with welding modes. Could someone make me available here? Robotware version 5. Thanks in advance.