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    I think you would need to determine what your needs are for the software and then compare them based on that criteria. Both are tools used to solve problems in the same domain and have strong and weak points (depending on your point of view). However many of the key differences lie beyond the user's point of view when making a selection.

    I am guessing you have already done it but, in general, you must select the “Sim Pro 2.0” option when you are installing Kuka OL to get the RRS-II components (Kuka VRC Manager/Instance applications) installed on the Kuka OL/VRC machine.

    Then, you need to do the following (assuming you are running on 64-bit V5 on Win 7+ machine):
    • Copy oncrpc.dll and pm_ascii.exe (ONC RPC portmapper application) into their V5 machine’s C:\Windows folder (attached).
    • Edit V5 installations win_b64\startup\rrs\rrs.servers file, duplicate the KUKA_VRC_Manager5 line, rename it to say KUKA_VRC_Manager6 (can be anything that is different than what is already there), and change “localhost” to the name (or IP address) of the Kuka 8.2 OL/VRC machine, and save the updated rrs.servers file,
    • On the Kuka 8.2 OL/VRC machine, run the Kuka VRC Manager application (there should be shortcut on the desktop)
    • On the V5 machine:
    o Run pm_ascii.exe and keep it running
    o RRS connect the V5 robot selecting:
     RRS Server=KUKA_VRC_Manager6 (<Kuka 8.2 OL/VRC machine>:300748)
     Controller Config=<the appropriate manipulator type from the dropdown that will show all robots under C:\KUKA\ALMADA on the Kuka 8.2 OL/VRC machine

    That should do it.

    Programming GSL/CLI was a great skill to have back when. Coding in IGRIP you could pretty much do anything you could dream up, and the telerobotics interface didn't hurt either. The V5 products are great for making simulations but nothing out of this world. I see that V6 has a logic solver that graphically looks like a flow chart. No language, but seems to have all the if/then/else commands. It has a concept of multi cycle simulations, and has some gravitational properties. The graphics are outstanding and it looks like it handles an exceptional amount of data.

    The debug messages are usually on. Be certain to map the settings to java.exe. Can you show a screencap of your settings?

    The weld gun from the Delmia lib should have a tool coorsys at the tips. Look under the Controller node of the robot to see that it is the active TCP when you teach points, this should fix it.

    Your own weld gun needs to have a base and a tool coorsys in order for Set tool to work.