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    Hey all. I'm working with a Duaro 2 robot.

    I am trying to pass an argument to a program via a subroutine call from an AS program. The AS program I am calling looks like this:

    .PROGRAM PlaceWarmTray(.Arg1)

    <code here>


    I try to call it from my main program like this:

    CALL PlaceWarmTray(1)

    Every time I try to run the program, I get “Error Code 2018 Check the argument settings in macro pg” on the tablet. The confusing thing is, when I call the program from a tablet program and enter in an argument that way, it works just fine. It just doesn’t work when the program is called from an AS program. Has anyone run into this before?


    You are absolutely correct! I removed my license key and opened my program with the Duaro robot. It powered up and connected the controller just fine. I then tried re-adding the license file and the error came back. So it would appear that my trial license is limited. Hah!

    Thank you for the help. I will have to get in contact with Kawasaki to get a new trial key.

    Here is my version. It appears to be slightly newer, but I find it hard to believe Kawasaki would remove this functionality in such a minor revision update. I am in contact with the Kawasaki employee who gave me the software, so hopefully we can work through it.

    That is what I have been doing. Open robot file, navigate to that directory, add the robot. It loads the model in just fine but always gives me that error.

    I tried reinstalling the software today and on the install dialogue, I did a custom install and made sure that the handling(special) option was installed. It still isn't showing up under my add robot screen though.

    Duaro has been included as standard since version 1.7.2, and the fact it is present in the standard robots folder suggests it is there.

    Are you using the 'Lite' version or have you got a trial license or using a USB Key?

    Can you post some screenshots of your robot selection process you are attempting?

    I am using a trial version that I got directly from Kawasaki to run a simulation on a robot that they supplied to our customer. I definitely do not have that Handling(Special) category on my install. I'll attach a picture of what I do have for selection, and also the error I am getting when I manually open the robot file.

    Have you looked in the Kawasaki/Hisui/Documents folder for the Duaro Handling project manual?

    - This is normally installed as standard with KROSET.

    - It goes through the setup of this.

    - It normally resides in Handling(Special) in the application drop down window when you add a robot.

    Thank you for the reply. I do not have a Handling(Special) section in the drop down windows for adding a robot. I was able to find the robot file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Kawasaki\K-ROSET\Hisui\KHIlibraries\Robots\Standard folder. However, whenever I load in any variation of a Duaro robot, it gives me a "cannot connect to controller" error, and all of my settings on the bottom of the screen in the controller tab are greyed out.

    the ndx file should already exist, you will find it in home/programs/segments.ndx

    Thank you for the reply. I do not have this directory, let alone the file in any of my backups (It is not in the !program directory either). The only directory that has any ndx files is the index directory. In there, there is no segments.ndx, and the closest thing I can find that might be related is a programs.ndx file.

    I've been on and off the phone with support on this, but I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I've been told that on ABB paint robots you need to have an NDX file that lists all of your programs, and it also correlates each program to a number that can be received via a group input. Problem is, I have no idea where to create or how to create this NDX file, nor how to tie that file to a group input. I have an entire arsenal of manuals for the S4P+, but none of them seem to really mention an NDX file or any procedures in setting it up.

    Has anyone worked with these NDX files before? This is all pretty foreign to me, as I'm used to normal S4C+ or Robotware 5/6 robots that just get a motors on and start signal, and then the main program just gets the style from the PLC and calls a program from the main.

    Thank you in advance.

    Does anyone have any documentation or manuals relating to an S4P+ controller (NOT S4C+)? We're trying to figure out a way to integrate one of these controllers with an Allen Bradly Compact Logix PLC, and are having trouble finding any sort of info on these controllers.


    I just wanted to update this thread so that others can know what the issue was. Fanuc got back to me finally after looking at my backup, and here is their response:

    "Our investigation has concluded that your robot is loaded with the enhanced stopping option which is also known as a Stop Pattern type B. enhanced Stopping option J692 option installed. Which from what I see in the DCS manual means all stops whether initiated by Controlled stop or estop are treated as full power off stop. This option will require a re-burn of software to remove."

    So it is an option for the robots apparently. Hope this can help others with the same issue!

    Is stop prediction enabled and causing this? Do you get an alarm?

    It is enabled in the CPC zone settings, but under the Stop Position Prediction setup menu, it is disabled. The only error message that I get is SRVO-402 DCS Cart. pos. limit

    Do you have alarm 'SRVO-199 Controlled stop' during the breaking light curtain? If yes, then Controlled stop works right.
    I will say try to change your DCS to Power-off and compare result. Because Controlled stop reacts immediately and stop not always gentle.

    No, I do not get that alarm. The only alarm that I get is SRVO-402 DCS Cart. pos. limit. I can try testing it out with power-off stop and see what it looks like.

    I have been talking to Fanuc, and they say that this behavior is normal, which might be true. I only raise the question because I work a lot more with ABB robots and safemove, and in my experience under the same conditions, the robot stops a LOT more gently compared to what the Fanuc is doing.

    I have a DCS CPC zone setup with a light curtain set up as a disabling input for it. The light curtain signal is fed through a CPI signal from a CompactLogix safety PLC. I have it setup so that if the robot is in the zone and the LC is broken, it will do a controlled stop. However, whenever these conditions are met, the robot instantly jerks HARD like an ESTOP instead of the quick deceleration before applying the brakes. I know that I don't have anything in the PLC overriding this zone and estopping it because 1. the robot does not enter an ESTOP state, and 2. I tested setting up the stop type as "no stop" and breaking the LC, and the robot kept moving along. Has anyone here run into something like this before?