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    Hello, im doing this on a KR125L90/2 Tj, KS v4.93 (old one).
    The thing im working with is a screwfeeder connected with 2 screwdrivers on a robot tool, the screwsystem (böllhoff) has no plc so it's running through the robot. the feeder is running through the sps and i have a sub program to control the screwdrivers, at this time it all works. but it has this limitation that the tool has to be in 90degrees to the woodpart, and now i want to use it on curved parts so i can't get a fixed distans between the woodpart and the tool, so the depth signal that has been used is now connected with a pressure transmitter so i can get signals from torque instead, and for the problem that is
    1. screwdriver is up and i toggle the output to send it down.
    2. pressure signal is false until it hits the screw.
    3. pressure signal is true and it screwing.
    4. torque is ok, pressure signal is false
    that is what im trying to figure out how to program, and i will also start a timer when the pressure signal is true incase torque fails. until this point i have had the easy part to only watch the signal to be true, but now it's false, true some millisecs (depending on screwlength), false. and it's the last false signal i need to continue, unless the timer sets in. i hope you understand my english and what im trying to achive. :)