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    Hello Flatcurve,

    I read your post and really interesting to use it on one of our application. However, i'm having couple of questions. Hope you can guide me through this process.

    1. Is BG Logic written in the TP program?
    2. I would like to accomplish the logic below, could you help with the code how it should be written?

    If input 1 OFF and input 2 OFF don't do anything
    If Input 1 ON and Input 2 OFF then turn on output 1 for 500 milisecond
    If input 1 Off and input 2 On then ouput 1 stay off.
    (They are all Digital I/O)

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Thank you,

    I've change subject to barcode reader.

    Could i able to use barcode reader that connect to PC then send data to robot controller to turn on either Flag, string, words or DI then use those signal to call specific proram?

    If so, how i'm going to communicate between pc and robot controller?


    Thanks to Leopard, Additional camera with barcode reader option from Fanuc was our initially thought. Anyone ever experience with this setup/implement please help!


    Camera is fixed mount and perdendicular to the conveyor. Reason for us not to mount camera on the robot because we're moving every fast application (1.5 second per cycle). And we're currently using Single 2D vision process NOT Error Proof. Also we're really MUST use barcode reader to ensure that each object must read and ensure there is not different object being mixed during the process. If it does appeared reading wrong barcode, we'll stop the process.


    Yes, We're having 2/3D Irvision system with multiplexer. Currently 1 set of camera dedicated to 3D laser. because our objects are different in height. That's why we're thinking to add additional camera or barcode reader to call specific program.

    I'm so clear/or understanding how do we obtain a vision signal output and connecting to the DI. if we were to use Fanuc Irvision system. if there is a way please help!!!

    Thank you very much. Hope you're all having a Good Friday!

    Thanks Everyone and Eric for your help.

    I've managed and wiring as method #1 as Eric decribed below. it works. Now we're trying to integrating barcode scanner and hoping we can scan barcode (1 and 2D) to call up specific motion program.

    Could anyone help i would go about to implement this?

    I did some research and have had talked to Funuc support. They told me that i can purchase a camera which more than $2,000.00, camera cable $1200.00, option for barcode scanner is $500.00 as well as camera adaptor, lens Ect.... If i were to purchased barcode scanner option and i already have multiplexer.

    1. Could i just use keyence or cognex barcode scanner instead of camera to read barcode?
    2. If it's' ok to use other brand for scanner, do i need special cable for scanner to multiplexer?

    Thanks in advance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks to Sergei and Kabi.

    The reason we're adding operator control box is we have mulitiple product that run with mutiple programs (so operator able to start program 1, 2,3, ect..) by using push button switch. and we're constantly changing product every 5 mins.

    Is there better way to automated or using main program to call subprogram?

    Thanks all for your help!!!

    Hello, I have a new LR Mate 200ic with R30iA controller. Robot controller is stand alone unit, there is no PLC connect to it. I have several TP programs and would like to install an UOP panel that has: Start push button, reset push button and green light, red light when fault, ect...
    The question is, how do i do the wiring for those push button and light?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Hello! Is there any any one could help me with this one. When performing 3DL iRvision calibration with camera fixed mount and robot is holding the calibration grid. The question is:

    Does the intersection of 2 laser beam and center of calibration grid and the crosshair on the monitor ALL MUST have to be CENTER?

    Thank you for you help!!!

    Thanks for all of your guidance. I've finally located a manual and follow step by step. I finally got it to work. I totally agree with Kykam and Doctor_C. Again, thanks for ALL.

    we just purchased a new Fanuc spider robot M1i-A with 2D vision system. i'm working on a project setting up vision system to pick up 3 different size object. Any one please help the step/procedure on how to set up vision process so my TP program will pickup when camera see those object.


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