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    I will like to purchase the 7th linear axis for UR5, a track axis. I will need something ready for connection and easy to integrate.

    With URcap so I can control it via the teach pendant, safety option (I will use safety scanners), length 4-5m.

    I will configure it with the supplier but it is important to have a good URCap and easy to use it.

    Has someone worked with something similar and could please help me with a supplier’s name or model?

    Thank you!


    I have a pick and place operation with a UR5e and OnRobot gripper. I randomly receive an error from the gripper using RG Grip command in normal operation.

    The error is:

    RG Grip command returned with error. Please be sure the required width is between the limits. Program halted

    I’ve seen that the error is generated most of the time when the gripper is without the product and there is a new command to open the gripper. The width for opening is 100mm (maximum for the gripper is around 140mm), force 25N.

    I used the RG Grip command from the instructions menu and also the next line code rg_grip(100,25,rg_index_get()) and I got the same error.

    The gripper is RG6 with direct connection on tool flange.

    The URCap OnRobot software for the gripper is version 5.15.0 (we also tried 5.10.0 that was on USB Stick at delivery)

    The robot’s controller is OEM Control Box with URSoftware

    Would you offer me some additional information about error message and what should I check?

    Thank you!


    Could someone please help with information regarding Ur5 and OEM Control Box that have to be connected to DC source.

    I've read in the manual that I should use a soft start circuit because the inrush current can reach 400 A for 200 μs.

    I have a power source 24V DC, 20A output and 1-phase input 230V AC

    May someone share a product (soft start circuit) that can be bought? I've seen some videos how you can make one but I prefer to buy it.

    Thank you!


    Thabk you for answer. It is camera that will decide the final result.

    Thè robot just pressing the plastic part. I don't want to corect the robot path.

    What I want:

    If collision detected then move linear z.

    But not to stop with alarm that I have to ack in T1.

    Thank you!


    Thank you for your answer. You are right, I just want to modify the program with some movements after collision was detected.

    I used the robot to press on a plastic part. A clipping process. After deformation the robot have a shock because on the plastic clipping. I confirmin T1 and robot can start again wihout problem.

    Can I do something?

    Thank you.


    Can someone help me please with some tips regarding robot collision?

    I want to call the program CollDetect_UserAction to move 2-3 mm on Z but I got the message "Ackn.: Collision detection axis {Axis number}" and I have to ack. on T1.

    It's there a way to cancel the message at first trigger? Only if there is a second collision to stop the robot a trigger the message.

    I want this because is a false collision and the collision parameters are at top values for that movement.

    KRC4, Agilus, 8.5

    Thank you!

    You can make a logic like:
    If ($pro_act==true and ($date.sec-($date.sec/2)*2==0)) then

    $pro_act --This output is set whenever a process is active at robot level
    ($date.sec-(-$date.sec/2)*2==0) is $date.sec modulo 2==0, read the clock and for 1 sec you will have a beat.

    Maybe you will have to modify the modulo syntax but is a tip.

    Hello Psyril,
    Thank you very much for the solutions. Can I ask some more:D?
    1. Can I run a program step by step? One movement and robot will stop until I press move.
    2. Where can I see the point coordinates and the arm configuration? And to "force" the robot to keep the arm configuration I have to save with "change configuration=yes"? I seen that on linear move it can go in different configuration but in the same point.
    3. Can I edit a program in debug mode? When the application is running.

    Thank you!

    Can someone help me please with some tips on CS8. I'm new with Staubli.
    1. How can I run in manual mode only one program? Let's say pick part.
    If I run the application, I have may other calls until my subprogram. Should I create a new application and call only that program?

    I have a controller with Applicom board for Profinet. I manage to create the communication, to split in bits and bytes the tags of xml file.
    2. Can you please tell me how to link a "num" type to physical board? to have it in the PLC. Like analog?

    3. Can I have local points (with coordinates and configuration)? To use them in movement instructions.

    4. How to pulse an digital output?

    5. If I have many products types. Which is the best way to call the programs? Can I select applications for each product? I have a PLC to manage the robot, maybe someone can share how to start in remote the robot. All the external inputs/outputs.

    Thank You!

    I need some help please regarding the profinet communication between KRC2 and a PLC Siemens S-1200. We need the PLC to be the master.
    We got a old robot configuration with the CP1616 inside the cabinet. Can you please help me to see which is the Ip address of the CP1616 and the Inputs/Outputs Bytes size?
    Maybe someone can share a document with some explanation for iosys.ini and also for pniodrv.ini file.
    Do I need SIMATIC NET from Siemens to reconfigure it?
    I have attached a backup off the controller.
    Thank you!

    Hello ,
    Can someone help with some information regarding robodrill and fanuc robot? I need to know how cycle stop and system stop need to work. I have the manual but the robodrill doesn't stop the program after system stop OK from the robot.
    Thank you!

    Thank you for your answer.
    I cannot jump those lines, I just want run them without pressing FWD for each line in that subprogram.
    Maybe I have to change Step statement type.

    Is there a way to hide the execution of a program in TP?
    I want to make some calculation before a motion but I don't want in STEP to enter that program line by line.
    Thank you!

    Can someone help me please with some issues regarding configuration on ProfiSafe. I got the errors from photo? Do I have to wire something for X48? Can someone help me with some steps to configure the Profisafe. I have read the documentations and checked 2 bytes inputs and 2 bytes outputs for safety.
    Do I have to do something with checksum or safety ID on safety maintenance?.
    The controller has the connector X13, do I have to jump something?
    KRC 4 and KSS 8.3.29
    Thank you!