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    Search for this post "Remove an option" by Marvan on October 25, 2011,
    It might give you an idea on how to uninstall that option software.
    Just make sure You have an "IMAGES backup" before modifying any configuration file.


    Hello all robot programmers.
    This time I have this question.

    I would like to use the search function with a lincoln welder and a DX100 controller, and I find out that the search optional function only accepts Direct inputs....Is any way to address this matter.??
    The CIO is informing to the welder power supply that a search in under execution and the welder send back a signal when the wire touch the part but the program will not detect it since it only accept direct inputs... (The welder in totally digital) :waffen100:
    Any help will be appreciated.

    After you check the setup of your tool frame is correctly,
    check the angle approach of the torch, that should be enough. The weaving motion is relative to the tool frame.

    In very special situation, where your approach angle can not be changed then it might be necessary to use the azimuth. (This item allows you to enter the angle between the y component of a weave vector and the weave frame y-axis. This allows you to change the angle of the weave if you cannot rotate the tool. This changes the y alignment relative to x.)

    First check your tool frame...

    I know it sound weird but Have you tried to change the teach pendant??
    I have had some issues similar to this one, on R30iA and this new version come with a few little problems, the software of the teach pendant sometimes will not come up.
    Just try and see what happen,
    On the other hand, I would recommend to contact Fanuc support.

    From this point of view, it looks like an accumulative error.
    Something to consider is the rotating system. it might not be leveled correctly or inclusive it might not be rotating on a perfect circle, (elliptical) this kind of error explain why in some points you have the error in one direction and in other points the error is in another direction. Something is getting loose .... Maybe.

    Are all the wrong points related to this rotating system? Or the wrong points are all over the cell??

    I have to ask, did you double-triple check your user frame is the same as when you program the part first time??

    I would recommend you to program some routines to check the integrity of the mechanical system, as suggested before, have a program of 3 point to check some marks on the fixture always related to Uframe 0

    Use the print function. This function will save a program with extension *.LS and you can open it in your computer.
    Note that it is upto the options used in your controller if you will be able to download LS file to your robot controller.

    It is all right.
    A remarked line start with a "//" and you can unmark whenever you want.
    A comment line star with a "!"

    The first one is an instruction that has been disable (remarked)
    The second one is a comment instruction.

    just to be more specific,
    The roboguide is integrated by several softwares as : weld-pro, handling-pro etc.
    The one you need to build an compile Karel programs is the OLPC-PRO. I believe you can buy only this software instead all roboguide.
    Also remember that in your robot controller you need to have the Karel option R632 loaded in order to let you download your files into the controller.

    What you describe for resetting the fence is not normal. Remember that the fence circuit is double chain, if I am correctly the robot monitor both channels and if one Channel differ from the other then you get into a special procedure for resetting that unequal condition as you have mentioned.