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    Hello everyone,

    I need your opinion a little bit. I am trying to connect a SCHUNK gripper directly to a KRC2 cabinet, without PLC. The I/O from the robot are present in X12A, or in the X13? On the robot is installed a INTERBUS board on ISA, with 10 pin connecting socket. What should I do best to make the communication between the robot and gripper work?

    Thank you,
    BR. Alex

    I have a little problem if you can help me. I'm now making a docking system for a gripper. Interbus is made in cmd. If a make one group in CMD all works fine but I have problems when undock. If I make 2 groups only docking robot works, in rest doesent comunicates at all.
    Wich can be the problem for this?

    B.R. Alex

    Hello everyone,
    I have a question. Does KUKA have a way of checking if cable or connectors are ok or not. There is a special device for this operation?
    Thank you