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    How are you starting your program? It sounds like you are using the START input UI[6], but have the $SHELL_CFG.$CONT_ONLY variable set to TRUE. When TRUE, the START input will resume a paused program only. If you set that variable FALSE, the currently selected program will start from the position of the cursor. Otherwise, I think you need to use the PROD_START input UI[18] to start a program from the beginning...

    Yeah, any of these will work for what I need to do... I have a couple of older long-arm R-2000iAs. Trying to determine if we are going to use one or both in the work cell we are currently building, and a lot of that depends on real estate. The other machinery was pretty easy to sketch without too much detail, yet you can still easily identify it. I might as well use crayons on these robots, otherwise it would take me a week to draw them up. Thanks for the replies!

    Does anyone know of a decent source for 2D drawings of Fanuc model arms? I don't need a ton of definition, but it takes me entirely too long to throw anything together that actually resembles a robot. Specifically, I need to come up with an overhead drawing of an R-2000iA/125L for inclusion to a new work cell.

    Trying to do a controlled start on an R-J Mate Controller. Holding the PREV and RESET buttons is not working...neither did PREV+NEXT. I don't have User buttons to hold. Any suggestions?

    Never used Ethernet with our robots, but as our in-house machinery evolves, it seems to make more and more sense. If someone could verify for me...ALL of my I/O can be controlled, right? I wouldn't need to map my UOP to digital I/O and it would eliminate a TON of wiring...

    Do Ethernet comms. allow me to do any other cool things that would otherwise be difficult or impossible? What kinds of data can be shared with my cell controller? Can I get motor information from my robot? Current draws? What is possible? What is impossible?

    Basically, if you had to sell me on it, why should I go the Ethernet route? I know, this is kind of a generic question, but please, humor me.

    When this external start signal is set to enable (TRUE), the external activation signal (START) activates only the suspended programs.

    Depending on the system variable $SHELL_CFG.$CONT_ONLY,

    If set to FALSE, the START input signal resumes a paused program or if a program is aborted, the currently selected program starts from the position of the cursor.

    If set to TRUE, the START input signal resumes a paused program only. The PROD_START input must be used to start a program from the beginning.

    I have used the same setup that you are speaking of. The prox switch used in the collision sensor will provide the "load" and can be connected into the Robot Input if that is what you are using.
    I connected one side of the prox to pin 17 on the EE(+24VDC) and the other side to pin 7 of the EE(*HBK)

    and obviously after this is done go to the config screen and make sure the hand broken signal is enabled.

    By chance you are still around....

    How do you move your robot away from a collision if you are wired to the HBK pin? I just installed this sensor on a robot the same way, but whenever a crash occurs, I have to remove the air from my gripper so that the collision sensor can re-seat itself and I am able to reset the HBK alarm... Is there a better way?

    Hello All,

    Recently purchased an ATI Protector collision sensor for our M-16i with R-J3 controller. This controller has the HBK signal jumpered on the servo board, and the COM1 jumper is in the A position. After a couple failed attempts, I am down to my last 3.2A fuse, so I thought I would stop by the forum to verify a couple things before I proceed. Searches have not turned up a whole lot,...

    First, the COM1 jumper on the servo board determines the polarity of my RI/RO, correct? And if said jumper is in the A position, does this mean my controller is set for PNP or NPN?

    Greetings robotters, long time, no broken robots on this end...
    I have an M-16i with R-J3...

    True or False:
    If my UOP I/O is listed as unassigned, I do not have a process I/O board installed, so therefore...

    A.) I'm screwed and need a process I/O board to tie to the cell controller.
    B.) Who needs UOP I/O anyway?
    C.) I can assign all the UOP signals to digital I/O.

    If C is the correct answer, can the different ins and outs be assigned to random digital I/O or is the robot going to want me to start in a particular spot and follow sequential order.

    Bonus Question: (because I don't have power on the robot yet, and cannot remember for the life of me...)

    Is my AID32C input module expecting me to supply it with 24VDC or is it supplying me with 24VDC? Same with the AOD16B... do I need to supply it with 24VDC?
    Thanks in advance for any help. I swear... I'm going to write it all down this time!


    M16i Robot with R-J3 controller running HandlingTool palletizing an option? I think I probably already know the answer to this one because it doesn't show up as an instruction for me. Confirmation would be good, though.

    And as soon as I posted this question, I scrolled down through the first page of posts to find an identical post. Sorry. I'll start there! :uglyhammer2:

    Hi all,

    Long time, no post...

    I just pulled our M16i robot with R-J3 off the shelf after a very long time out of commission. Upon start-up everything looks to be loading correctly until the very end. I get a message across the top of the TP screen that says "Power down if you want to recover."

    Obviously, I powered down. When I powered back up, same message. I tried to jog the robot around a little and I get a MOTN error telling me the system is in fault condition. It won't reset. It won't recover whatever the heck needs to be recovered. I'm at a loss. Any ideas?


    MOTN-144 STOP No Joint Turbo Move SP

    Cause: Joint turbo move softpart is not loaded in the system.
    Remedy: Load joint turbo move softpart.

    Before I get too excited.....I don't have a CRT. Can I do this with the teach pendant or a pc and kfloppy or kfdcopy? And, does this in any way put my good robot at risk?

    Day 3

    S-10/RH Software Dump

    Late yesterday I found a set of floppies for software install. With them were 3 E-PROMs. We have 2 work cells that are (as far as anyone here knows) identical. The cell that is still running is using Karel V2.11. The floppies and the E-PROMs are labeled V2.23. When I attempt to load software, I get an undescript error pertaining to a file called or .cr I can't remember the extension.

    Question 1: If this robot was running V2.11 prior to the dump, would I need to change these E-PROMS in order to get the controller to load V2.23?

    Question 2: Can I mirror the system that is running to install on the one that is not with kfdcopy or kfloppy? And how?

    I know - it's like trying to talk to dinosaurs. This is a very productive work cell that I need to get back up like, yesterday. It would be nice if someone would have written something/anything down along the way, but.......I need to figure this out TODAY. If anyone can help me out with this, I'd sure appreciate it.

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