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    Yes, transformer built into the cabinet. I am 99% sure this is the right drive, and Fanuc's cRc lists the same part number for this robot. I just hate ordering something like this with even a sliver of doubt.

    Need to replace the amplifier in an M-16i with R-J3iB B-cabinet. Found one online, but the description says 200-230VAC. These are not dependent on a particular supply voltage, are they? My robots are tapped for and supplied with 480VAC. I don't particularly care to spend $6K on something that won't work, though.

    The salesperson said he would check with his tech guys, but that could take a couple days. Hopefully someone here can confirm this for me a little sooner....?

    Probably a simple explanation, but something I've not encountered before. When jogging, all of the coordinate systems on my current install display with an S/ in front of them, i.e. S/WORLD, S/USER, etc. I think maybe JOINT is the only one that does not show that S/ before it. What does this S/ mean? It doesn't seem to affect anything in any way, but I have never seen this before and was curious...:thinking_face:

    It's been nearly 4 years, and I do not recall exactly, but I think I had the robot's posture wrong. J5 specifically. Either I had the wrist pointing straight down and it should have been horizontal or I had it horizontal and it should have been straight down.

    But I am 99% sure it was a boneheaded mistake on my part and nothing weird or sinister with the robot.

    Not sure with the R-30s, but I know the R-J3s have a jumper that determines whether i/o is sinking or sourcing. Admittedly a longshot, but...

    Your pressure sensor could (should?) be wired to the PPABN (pneumatic pressure abnormal) signal. Otherwise, you could monitor the digital input in a background program...

    You just need to map your PB input to User Input 7. Whenever that button gets pressed while in a remote condition, robot will run the home MACRO. No need to monitor anything.

    Do you have a cRc account with Fanuc? All of the eDocuments are finally available to regular people. When I search for M-16i, though, the only mechanical unit manual it lists is for M-6iB and ArcMate 100iB. What information are you looking for? Is there any other practice besides pump the new grease in until it runs clean from the outlet?

    Where are you located? You can buy Vigo grease off Amazon... can't imagine it is too hard to find.

    Does the PPABN signal depend on me adding an external pressure switch or is there a device already in the robot? If I have to add a switch, can anyone suggest a particular model/device? I don't usually have any issues with this, but my latest install has been 'crashed' several times now due to the air getting shut off and forgotten about... at least until they attempt that first pick... :loudly_crying_face:

    Can anyone confirm which version of software it was that BGLogic first became available? I knew this at one time, but apparently I've lost that mental note. I want to say it was 6.2 or 6.4 maybe?

    Anyway, it would be a handy bit of information for those of us who do not have the fortune of working with new robots. It's no big deal if you've never used it, but once you have, it is very hard to do without!

    OK, thanks all for the replies. As it turns out (which is sadly, too often the case), I missed something yesterday. It is either one of two things: A, I have a few random points on my output cards that are not working correctly, or B, my colleague has wiring issues in his control cabinet. I'm thinking it is the former.

    AOD16Cs showed up today and I isolated the controller, adding my own 24V supply and jumping all of the safety signals. Low and behold, the C-cards are sinkers! I proceeded to put one of 2 D-cards back in, turned on all of the outputs on that card, and found 3 points that did not source any voltage. The other 13 worked like a dream!

    So it turns out, I'm not actually crazy. Just easily confused. So my D cards are sinking inputs (must go high to turn on) and sourcing outputs (supply +24V). Thankfully, that jives with my understanding.

    As far as I know...

    +24 on 1 and 11. 0V on 10 and 20.

    The sad thing is, I pretty much go through this every time I install a robot, but I usually have some flexibility when it comes to I/O. Only this time, we've committed to a particular scheme so I can't just flop polarity at the PLC.

    Apologies. I'm just a guy with a degree in Economics who has always worked with and built machines, and is now responsible for a dozen used Fanucs. Very little training other than this forum and what I can read on the interwebs. But like I said, AOD16Cs should be here today. I'll do some testing and post my results. Fanuc, in particular, just really complicates the whole sinking/sourcing thing for me every single time...

    Thanks, Skooter. You've at least confirmed what I thought, but this is not what I'm actually seeing.

    I use a DIN-mount solid-state relay to do my testing, with my output circuit firing the relay. The only way I can get this relay to fire is by connecting +24V to A1 with my output wire on A2. This, at least to me, is sinking.

    My AOD16C cards should be here tomorrow. I'll let you know how that turns out, and hopefully this will all start making sense...

    Can anyone make me understand why AOD16C is considered sinking and AOD16D is considered sourcing? As I understand, if my outputs are sourcing I send 24V to the PLC input, where 0V is common. If I am using sinking outputs, the PLC inputs float high until I provide 0V when I turn an output on.

    I specified AOD16D output cards for my current project because I wanted to 'source' the PLC with 24V. After all, it says "Source current type" right on the spec sheet. So when I got everything wired, nothing worked right, so I started metering things. Low and behold, all of my outputs are floating, and when I turn them on, they go to 0V - the exact opposite of what I expected.

    I ordered a pair of AOD16C cards assuming they will work for what I am wanting to accomplish, but I still don't understand why. And Fanuc's schematics, especially their I/O specs, confuse the crap out of me...

    Since it came up...

    What are the internal 24V pins for? I understand the need to short the EXT and INT pins when you are NOT using an external supply, but are these INT connections intended to supply other safety devices? Internal 24V should be internal, right? Why would you be bringing 24V to those pins from elsewhere in the controller?

    Just asking because I don't know. Hoping someone else does...

    Your digital inputs are Rack 1, Slot 1, 1-16 and Rack 1, Slot 2, 1-16. Your digital outputs are Rack 1, Slot 3, 1-16 and Rack 1, Slot 4, 1-16.

    Looks like your user inputs should start at Rack 1, Slot 2, Starting at 9.

    Your user outputs are a little more scattered, but it looks like they start at Slot 4, Starting Point 4

    When you assign, just make sure you account for the unused (unassigned) points in between...

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