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    I need to add in sps.sub, user PLC section some permanent condionalities for Inputs and Outputs to manage a spindle sensors behaviour.

    For example:




    They are placed in field LOOP-ENDLOOP to be permanently active.

    When deploy project in KRC4 8.3.18, Submit button is stopped (red) and message $IN variable is write protected in line X. code KSS10388

    Should I use this command only in src file program?


    Solved the issue !

    For some unknown reason UTIL folder from C\KRC\UTIL.....was moved in C\KRC\SHARED\UTIL

    This is why error regarding KRCDiag.exe appears in start process when is not find in its path.

    I put the folder in right location, and when start after shut down, error do not appear anymore.

    Thank you !

    yes, I read it and I tried to fallow the path: C\KRC\UTIL\KRCDiag\KRCDiag.exe,

    but I have no folder UTIL in KRC. MY KSS is 8.3.18. Maybe I was in hurry, but how could miss UTIL folder.

    And why to happen suddenly this error, previously was not there.

    Hi !

    I am trying to set I/O signals in Kuka KRC4 using Beckhoff stuff.

    I have fallowing construction for e-bus:

    EK 1100 coupler, 2 A rev 0018

    EL 1008 input terminal , 0.5 A rev 0018

    EL 2002 output terminal, 0.5 A, rev 0018

    EL 3255 analog input potentiometry, rev 0023

    EL 9010 bus terminal

    I mapped them in Workvisual 5.0 in my project, I deployed into controller and no error.

    I tested output 1 from Display menu/I/O didigtal outputs, pressing value, get green led on first module EL 2002 output 1, but device , in my case a motor spindle, do not start.

    In KRC2 I used Devicenet so far and there was a iosys.ini devnet to set.

    In KRC4 I understood ther is no need , workvisual assigning all .

    There is anything else I should configure in workvisual or smartpad menu?

    Thank you !


    I read Panic Mode response on this topic. What means that bus is dead? As configuration or phisicaly?

    I have EK1100 with EL1008 and EL2004, ended with EL9010, KRC4 K8.3.18.

    Configuration is well done but not assigned yet I/O signals, mapping not yet realised. Could be this the reason of message error?

    EK1100 leds are lighten, 24 VDC connected, and Ethercat cable goes into X44 on CCU.

    ""KRC4 controllers use EtherCat for most things (there are several buses). and EtherCat has some nice things but one of the issues (at least in KUKA implementation) is that if you add or remove node from one of EtherCat buses, that bus is going to be pretty much dead. Even devices that were working fine before will no longer work simply because you connected one more node (or disconnected). once the bus is dead, you will see messages telling that one or more of previously working devices cannot communicate any more. in your case you connected something to an existing bus and transport of messages stops because they don't know which way to pass the data make it work with you MUST makes sure that physical connections and configuration match - at all times. KRC4 does not allow hot plugging or pasivating of EtherCat you need to use WorkVisual to add new devicethan should make KEB bus happy (interface X44). it still remain to be seen how are you going to use them (if KUKA options support more than one force sensor).""

    What means you need to add new device and make KEB bus happy?

    Thank you


    In workvisual external axis configuration, if my table is selfmade, not a Kuka brand but gearbox and servomotor being from a Kuka robot, how should I choose right servomotor if mine is 1FK 6100, 3.77 kw ? One axis horizontal is the table.

    There is any corespondence between 1FK 6100, 7100 with MG, ME, or is important only the current of driver , 40 A in my case?

    machine.dat still need any additional setting be added as for KRC2, manually, or is enough what Workvisual configure in the project to be deployed?

    Thank you.

    So far, I used on KRC2 where MAMES are different, 0,-90,90,0,0,0 to keep robot in this position when not working, just in case mastering is lost to be easy remaster with Dial by simply pressing Master 1, 2, ......

    For those who not own an EMD tool.

    So, simply little bit difference in robot position values not means mastering is wrong.

    If I do a program to send robot in MAMES -20,-120,110,0,0,0, when reach there, and stop, atual robot position will be those from mastering, or MAMES ones?


    On kuka KRC4 KR 150, MAMES values are:







    After EMD mastering, looking in Actual Position on Axis Specific values are a bit different such :







    There is needed any correction such -19.96 to be defined as new -20, and so on......?

    If yes, how is possible be done.



    How could I externalise from Kuka Smart Pad , increase/decrease of robot speed in percents, from an external button, kind of digital +/- or a potentiometry type. Without to cancel this fuction from SmartPad, but adding a second button into an external little box .

    Program is KSS 8.3.18 and KRC4 Daimler .

    Thank you for sugestions


    The problem has been solved .

    Connector that link blue wires between top Driver N7 with top Driver N6, position 5 and 6, had an imperfect contact. I think they are feeding motors brake. Has been discovered randomly after many parts replacing.

    Even no important and relevant message appeared.