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    Does anybody have any suggestion about a 3Dlaser who isn't repeating?

    We followed exactly the same process for calibration and teaching of images as before but this time we are getting variation on the height .

    Any suggestion will help

    does anybody knows what means ethernet/ip fwdopen fail (0x127) error , I,ve been trying to connect an smc device and I always get the same error, I checked the ethernet manual error code but i did't find that specific particular error

    i think the same. that it is on the program, but not in the .ls cause you lost mastering data if you load it. but i dont know how to proved it.
    thank you, wathever, at the end you need to make a touch up in case you lost the master

    yeah that is correct.
    the problem sometimes is that there is not original piece and it impliess to taugh every weld again. sometimes mechanical adjust sometimes you need just to adjust a few the piece, sometimes programmers like me run touch sense without know it has not master on, sometimes you need to change frame but after the piece was removed and just with a few welds.

    let me explain you.
    for example , you make your master first and it is 1mm out of piece in x+ (for example).
    if you master it you have an offsett =0 right?.
    if you put the second piece and the wire is now 2mm out of the piece in x+ you are getting an offset=1 right?.
    you can look that offset is 0 and you can look your offset is 1. but i don't know where is the value of 1mm

    maybe you known when you use a touch sense funtion you need to master your piece with a master offset frame.
    there is someone who knows where is saved the master offset data.
    Iknow you can saved an offset into a PR but it needs to have reference with an offset master, do you where it is?

    thank you.
    i knew i was with the correct idea. i was looking support cause some people talk me something different about this change and obviously i had doubts about my knowledge.

    what would happen if i master my zero position and there is an master count axis different from the data sheet?
    there is an impact with my programs?

    Does anyone could gove me a simulator of kuka? ive got manuals and i know basic things about kuka. But im looking for prctice. If you know something about this simulatpr i would change it with a nachi simulator just to get an eqal transaction