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    Did you solve this problem? We are having exactly the same problem. This error message comes sometimes when we are checking out whether the specified program name is selected.

    The biggest problem is when after the "proname[] " error our own multi submit program stops to run in the background.

    You should have input/output signal table for your Fronius and used interface. Without that you can't set required i/o's manually.

    If the bus connection is working between the robot and controller you should allready see "power source ready" input when the power source is switched on. That input is somewhere in range 1-15 if your welder inputs are mapped to start from number 1 for example.

    You can learn minimum required ArcTech signal configuration by checking some other ready made Fronius power source ArcTech configurations.

    Make group of 16 outputs and then map this to first 16 bit input of the welder. Then make 12 x group of 8 robot outputs and map them 12 x to 8 bit input of the welder.

    Repeat the same for the robot input / welder outputs.

    Then configure Arctech I/O signals.

    KUKA.SafeSingleBreak option (included in full Safe Operation option) is suitable for that.

    We have done many of this kind of systems using safety sensors to detect which side of the positioners is on the robot side. Then safety PLC selects group where is told which axis can move (E1 and E2 or E1 and E3).

    When operator has activated light curtain then all axis can move and 180 axis turn with E1 can be done.

    We haven't yet got solution from KUKA that how it's possible to get rid of those safety sensor and use SafeOperation to detect side of the positioner on the robot.

    KUKA KP3-V2H positioner:…phery/positioners/kp3-v2h

    KRC2ed05 / kss 5.5.14 / ArcTechDigital 2.3

    Is there collision detection implemented in ArcTechDigital 2.3???

    I don't mean servo torque based detection which exists since KSS 5.5 I think. I mean collision detection sensor (crash box) connected in robot digital input.

    I didn't find anything mentioned in ArcTechDigital manual neither collision detection signal input in configuration files.

    I have faced existing system where isn't used any ready made collision detection functionality and it has been done with own interrupt.



    I think this should be better to locate in sps.sub so detection would work in every well program .src file?


    It really would be nice to have collision detection functionality in Arctech TP like in newer versions in KRC4.

    I didn't need to modify LaserTech because customer finally bought Trumpf laser and it was easy to continue with LaserTech.

    On the other project there wasn't LaserTech option in KRC2 controller. It was very easy to code own functions for basic communication with non Trumpf laser. But in this case error handling and fault recovery is big issue like SkyFire mentioned. I didn't have time to write standstill monitoring which could be very nice to have.

    On the next project I would prefer to continue writing own functions than trying to modify LaserTech. Standstill monitoring would be quite easy add with interrupt + cycflag commands I think.

    Check in side the wire feeder. Maybe you don't have this option at all.

    If you remove this gas check condition via WorkVisual you can start welding and add it afterwards if you found gas check sensor.

    Based on Lorch manual input 12 is "gas pressure" (optional) and input 13 "gas flow" (optional). Do you have these options?

    When you set gas on manually what is state of in 12 and in 13?

    Is there gas valve connected to the input number 12? Are sure that gas valve exists? Looks like input number 12 is false for some reason.

    What power source do you have and what kind of robot interface it has?


    KRC2ed05 / KSS 5.6.9

    I haven't been able to find solution how to set single variable monitor (Monitor | Variable | Single) so that it's updating "Current Value" continously like it's possible to set on KRC4. How to change this circle symbol having arrows and currently diagonal line over it?

    KRC2 kss4 having Profibus board currently configured as master and having some slaves under X850. Is it possible to configure this same board X851 as Slave at the same time?

    Will there be any connectivity problems (different age hardware/software) to new up to date Siemens hardware acting as master? Any recommendations for Siemens PLC side stuff used as cell contoller?

    Thanks for sharing your experience with LaserTech :top:

    I'm not yet sure about laser timing diagram but based some information I suppose it's very similar to basic arc welding. After browsing through some LaserTech files I got an idea whether it would be easier and simplier to use KUKA.Arctech package?

    What you think, would that be possible to get work? Would there be any timing matters? Would that communication be fast enough? Anyway it would be quite easy to test.

    Anyone here having experience with KUKA.LaserTech 3.1.X and configuring that for other than Trumpf Laser?

    After facing wall with KUKA support :wallbash: I'm trying to find out whether it would be possible to configure and use KUKA.LaserTech 3.1.X with one other unnamed laser power source when using very simply digital+analog communication.

    What might be the simpliest I/O configuration what LaserTech requires to work? I'm looking for something as simple as adjusting laser power with analog output, starting and stopping laser beam with digital output and checking laser status with some digital inputs.

    I just got to know that LaserTech software has been made for Trumpf lasers having robot interface for more extensive communication.

    We are having KRC4+KSS 8.3.27+KUKA LaserTech 3.1.5 but I think that LaserTech has been basically quite similar since KRC2...

    How do you have connected power source to robot?

    Do you use KUKA Arctech Digital? Version?

    Do you know which input number is connected to "arc established" signal? If not, can you monitor whether some input goes on when robot sets arc on?