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    I recently install win 8 and i install irvision for first time ,home page for irvision is OK but when i choose setup vision this page doesn't come up correctly, ??? and just write it on the page "copying file ......." ??? ???

    While i set all the setting from manual of irvison and before that i worked with "win xp sp2" and that work properly.
    What is my problem is there any special setting for "IE10" in win 8 ???

    Many thanks for yours favor.

    Many thanks for your favor.

    I have one 200ic LR-mate I have sometimes this error DTERR alarm (G:1,axis:2) and I do every action for solve this problem .
    But my problem doesn't solve I want to change pulsecoder axis 2 .
    But in 200IC how can i change the pulse coder for axis 2. where is the pulse coder in manipulator.
    In mechanical unit it is not reachable .

    Many thanks

    I wrote with pallet instruction for B type in r30ia-mode and after that modify the (A-1, BTM,R-1)point but when i execute the program those point doesn't change in the program while i check the A-1 ,BTM , R-1 there are true in modify instruction .
    why these point doesn't effect in during the program but in modify mode is OK?

    I have r30ia-mate for 100ic .
    suddenly today in during work system hang and any key in teach pendant dose,t work.after power off and on system doesn't come up and stay in first page "waiting for starting". i tyrn off system after 10 min system come up but when robot jog system hang again . I force change the CPU card with other one and the system work properly .
    My question: what happen for my CPU card ? this problem depend the power deviation or no ?is it need use of UPS for prevent again problem
    please help me?

    When i connect camera to controller and then in irvision software in live mode after 3 or 4 second my controller hang and the teach pendant lock anything doesn't work.I change camera and cable with new one but problem doesn't solve
    Please help me what is my problem (i think it is about hardware in motherboard)
    I have r30ia-mate open air controller .

    many thanks.

    In r30ia-mate in during execute program suddenly the DTERR alarm appear and the current program aborted .I push the reset key in teach pendant but error doesn't clear I turn off and on the controller the DTERR alarm cleared .I have 3 question.
    1- why in DTERR alarm the program aborted ?
    2- why with push reset key the DTERR alarm doesn't cleared.
    3-Why after turn off -on robot doesn't come back to the main program .

    thanks. :help:

    PROC Path_10()

    CONNECT err_interrupt WITH trap_err;
    IError COMMON_ERR, TYPE_ALL, err_interrupt;
    MoveJ Target_10, v1000, fine, tool0\WObj:=wobj0;
    PathRecStart safe_id;
    MoveL Target_20, v1000, fine, tool0\WObj:=wobj0;
    MoveL Target_30,v1000, fine, tool0\WObj:=wobj0;!! for example during this line we have a collision.after start*
    MoveL Target_40, v1000, fine, tool0\WObj:=wobj0; !*robot will continue Target_30 and after that**
    MoveL Target_50, v1000, fine, tool0\WObj:=wobj0; !**interrupt routine will execute while we expect at first
    MoveL Target_60, v1000, fine, tool0\WObj:=wobj0; !time interrupt routine execute
    IDelete err_interrupt;

    TRAP trap_err
    TPReadFK choice,"Go to safe?",stEmpty,stEmpty,stEmpty,stEmpty,"Yes";
    IF choice=5 THEN
    IF PathRecValidBwd(\ID:=safe_id) THEN
    PathRecMoveBwd \ID:=safe_id \ToolOffs:=[0, 0 , 10];
    !Fix problem

    I wrote an interrupt routine when error occur this interrupt execute.
    for example when collision occur but in this time robot will continue the last position
    and after that it will go to interrupt routine while we expect at first time interrupt routine execute.
    Is there any setting for interrupt? :help:
    I use IRC5 with IRB 1410

    Many thanks