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    Hi everyone,

    I am fighting a welding setup - KRC2 ed05 KSS 5.6.9 and Fronius Transpulse 4000.

    It is all working fine but i need to add 16 digital in and outs.

    I want to use the Beckhoff module with the 6021 RS 485 and to add there these inputs and outputs.

    I have troubles with devicenet config. Here are my settings:

    ; Fronius IO

    INB0=20, 0, X12

    OUTB0=20, 0, X12

    ; addon 16 IO

    INB20=20, 0, X2

    OUTB20, 0, X2

    No errors registered, but the modules are not working - i tried bot in and outs.

    The modules are working fine without the RS485 module

    Any advise where to look?

    Hello, vvelikov, I have just started messing around with SprutCam Robot 14 and I'm having a problem finding KUKA model, I have looked for models here Sprut Cam Storage, but I can't find any of them with an existing rotary table. Could it be because it's a trial version? I've looked into some tutorials but only older versions. Am I missing something?


    For specific cell you will need it to be done either from your representative or you can amend the current cell to match your situation
    Just use the available model for test, that should be fine
    I have used PowerMill in the past and it wasnt very user friendly - too many submenus etc sometimes it is hard to find the option you need.
    RoboDK i think is not yet on the level of Sprutcam or the others CAM packages in terms of strategies for milling and the options they have. RoboDK is better used for simulation of a robotic cell with sensors, pick/place jobs etc

    It also depend of the spindle holder and the spindle as well - the TCP is going down if the spindle is bigger.

    so for 1m table i would use like 800mm pedestal or something - needs to be tested of course

    If you are still wondering - the easiest solution is to download a trial version of Sprutcam - it is fully functional.

    Choose a robot, there is also a rotary positioner available and insert your part to test the reach.
    I would position the table on about 1200-1500mm from the robot.

    The height of the table surface is another issue - it all depends of the maximum size object you want to mill.

    But for sure lowest point cannot be too low - may be around the robot base (root)

    Hi again :smiling_face:
    Just to close the case and to explain how i solved the problem.

    I got to the other robot where i had installed the CP1616 card, made a ghost copy of the HDD and used that copy on the robot with the problem. And it worked :smiling_face:

    After i checked what was the difference i found out that the ProfinetIO software i was using on the working machine was version 1.3.5 and on the non working one - 2.3.3.

    So - if you need to use a profinet on an old non ed 05 robot - just use old Profinet software :smiling_face:

    Hope this will save someone elses time and efforts :smiling_face:

    Happy holidays for everyone!


    Just checked the same card, PLC and config on a ed05 controller and it worked just fine without any problems.

    The strange thing is that i did few months ago same setup on a standard KRC2 cabinet with MFC2 card and it is working fine... really cannot get what might be the issue

    Hi, and thank you for the time spent to help!

    - the pc is fine, the KSS starts, but hangs on about 20% and after that says it cannot load HMI etc. Please check the attached photo. If i remove the card it starts ok, it is ok also if the PNET driver is not activated in IOsys.ini. I can see the device CP1616 via Siemens network and can give it IP address etc, but when i try to connect through TIA portal it gives an error: Device unreachable.
    -the board is SY-7VBA 133 with Celeron 733
    - the KSS 5.5
    - atm it is on slot N3 - i tried different position it is the same result.

    - no external voltage attached to the card

    Thanks again, hope to solve it :smiling_face:

    Hi guys,

    i am trying to install a Profinet card cp1616 on a standard KRC2 controller (not ed05) with MFC2 (ISA) card and IBS c33. Profinet IO 2.3.3

    Is that possible as the KSS failed to start after i install the card?

    I am asking because i saw in the profinet io instructions that it needs ed05 controller.

    But i remember doing this same task successfully in the past... or may be i am mistaken?

    Hello everyone!

    I have problem with burned MFC3-tech version card on a KRC2 ed 05 KR2150 L110 robot (KSS 5.6.10) with Safe.Operation option hardware.

    I have MFC3 standard version - installed it but the robot outputs "Safety circuit for drives not ready" message and i am unable to move it. No other errors.

    I even replaced the SafeRDC card with standard one and did A23 plug on CI3 to bypass the safety option but the message is still there, so i think it probably needs the MFC3-tech version of the card.

    Can anyone share a solution with standard MFC3 card as i only have this one as a spare? Is there a way to fix that?

    I looked around to find such card but the prices are really crazy :frowning_face:

    Probably will be cheaper to change the ESC board (CI3 standard) ...

    Any advise appreciated!

    Just install a standard KUKA KSS on a clean HDD with WinXPe and it should be fine.
    The KCP can be used only in T1 and AuthEx but that should be fine in your case?
    I've seen here in the forum instructions how to convert VKCP to KCP - including cutting/resoldering of the pins of the switch on the VKCP but never didi it myself

    Hello guys, i m looking for detailed info about the KP1-V 1000 positioner - specifically - what is the gearbox and motor on this unit.

    I am installing it on a KRC2 machine and need to know the data to be able to put correct numbers for machine data file.

    Instructions are pointing to workvisual but that doesnt help me :loudly_crying_face:

    Thanks in advance for any info!

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