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    ok,fair point! Thank you for taking time to help!

    I will try to describe the steps, i am also attaching the document i used for the installation

    1. Removed the old KPP

    2. Installed the new one on its place, installing the cabling for the 7th axis as per instructions

    3. Configured the new system in Workvisual (the project attached in my previous post)

    4. Started up the robot and uploaded the project

    5. Activated the new safety config

    Where can i find this wagon driver? And what you mean manually?

    May be it will be easier to update to version 8.3? If that is possible of course - what should i check to see that?

    Thanks again!


    Hi guys, i am trying here to install additional motor to my KRC4 system and it seems i cannot manage it - doing something wrong probably :(
    Here some info:
    KRC4 KR180 R2500 EXTRA
    KSS 8.2.28

    I am adding KPP 1X40A to the system - after i installed it i have numerous errors and the controller cannot find the robot - says robot number 0 with 0hrs working time etc

    i did everything per the manual for 7th axis in KRC4 - removed the KPP which was originally there and added the new one on its place.
    In WV i added to the project the new kpp and uploaded the project - there are a lot of errors, safety config error etc. I am attaching photos of that

    After two days looking for info i am really struggling which way to go.
    I am uploading the original project (working) and the new one (not working) as well

    Just a note - in the original project there was a profinet device installed - i tried to remove it but it was still looking for profinet, so i just left it there. Any advise how to remove the profinet will be appreciated as well as i am not planning to use it - the robot will be used for milling only.

    Thank you in advance!

    Hi Dmitry, very nice piece of software, thank you for sharing!
    Do you think it is possible to fill up the gap between the SVG lines? May be with different patterns?
    Cant wait to try it live ;)

    Keep it coming!

    Yes, it can work with SafeRDC but you will need the Safe Operation software for your KSS version

    After you install it you just switch it off.
    But without it the saferdc is not recognized and will give you an error

    Which version of Safe Operations you need?

    thank you!

    That solved it!

    I was using an example from an old thread, didnt think that i can just distribute the bytes in one line.

    Actually this:

    INB0=20, 0, X14

    OUTB0=20, 0, X14

    didn't work, gave me error in devicenet driver


    INB0=20, 0, X13

    OUTB0=20, 0, X13

    Worked as i used 8 in and 8 outs not 16 (module is not here yet)

    To be precise, outputs work fine inputs didnt for some reason - i feed 24v to the input 1 and it didnt blink ... i suppose it might be about the length of the outputs shared from the Fronius - the RS485 module. May be they need more than 96 bytes?

    Will give it a try tomorrow and will report back.

    Thanks again to everyone, specifically to Mr Mode - i am dreaming to be able to buy him a beer or two somewhere in the UK or EU ;)

    Hi everyone,

    I am fighting a welding setup - KRC2 ed05 KSS 5.6.9 and Fronius Transpulse 4000.

    It is all working fine but i need to add 16 digital in and outs.

    I want to use the Beckhoff module with the 6021 RS 485 and to add there these inputs and outputs.

    I have troubles with devicenet config. Here are my settings:

    ; Fronius IO

    INB0=20, 0, X12

    OUTB0=20, 0, X12

    ; addon 16 IO

    INB20=20, 0, X2

    OUTB20, 0, X2

    No errors registered, but the modules are not working - i tried bot in and outs.

    The modules are working fine without the RS485 module

    Any advise where to look?

    Hello, vvelikov, I have just started messing around with SprutCam Robot 14 and I'm having a problem finding KUKA model, I have looked for models here Sprut Cam Storage, but I can't find any of them with an existing rotary table. Could it be because it's a trial version? I've looked into some tutorials but only older versions. Am I missing something?


    For specific cell you will need it to be done either from your representative or you can amend the current cell to match your situation
    Just use the available model for test, that should be fine
    I have used PowerMill in the past and it wasnt very user friendly - too many submenus etc sometimes it is hard to find the option you need.
    RoboDK i think is not yet on the level of Sprutcam or the others CAM packages in terms of strategies for milling and the options they have. RoboDK is better used for simulation of a robotic cell with sensors, pick/place jobs etc