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    in short, what you will need:
    1. The robot - installed and working correctly without any errors. Preferably model with more load - KR240 or even better KR360 for stone milling.
    2. The spindle - think about stone milling spindle with enough power to cut with disk, water cooled, with sensor so you can have information about RPM's and eventual overheating protection...
    3. Interface between the robot and spindle - you will need some inputs/outputs to be able to control the spindle through the inverter.
    4. Software - CAD and CAM - it is important to think about this on time - software, will it include a postprocessor and robot kinematics, including a table? Good training and support - especially if you dont have the experience.

    As addition it will be nice if you can get a sensor interface with the robot to protect the robot and workpiece if something wrong happen (tool broke?)
    add on would be a software to feed the code to the robot - that is very good for complex models as you will have a lot of files and KUKA robots have some memory limitations...

    I hope that will help for a start :)

    Hello everyone :) and all the best for the New 2019 Year!
    I am trying to use the fast measurement inputs on a KRC2 robot so i can do a proper TCP calibration device.
    I asked KUKA for the X33 KRC2 kit but unfortunately they are not selling that anymore.
    So i am thinking to make the wiring myself but i cannot find the X11 (on the RDC board) pinout anywhere ;(

    Can somebody help?


    I think this is the VW version you have there, so just search for this type of robot - it is a bit different of the standard ones...
    As about the errors you had - commenting out Interbus should be ok, the emergency stop faults etc should be cleared up when you do the X11 (or its VW version) plug wiring - check the forum for this info, or this thread from the beginning.
    I dont believe the language change is the cause of the crash of KSS - personally i would do just clean reinstall of the KSS first - just start the setup in KRC1_CD folder and follow the instructions

    Do you have the KRC1_CD folder on your D: drive?
    I think your best option is to reinstall.
    Also you can check the config file - may be you did it wrongly?
    Just for the future - it is better to make a full copy of a working installed HDD before you do any changes - Norton Ghost is really good for this kind of thing...

    Hello jkinst,
    I am using Sprutcam everyday and can confirm that it is easy to use and configure BUT you need to educate yourself a bit.
    I will try to make it short as panicmode already had good point for a solution - in the Sprutcam website there is a really good section with tutorials how to configure your software.

    1. You need to know your tool configuration - not only the length but most importantly the orientation of the tool (A, B and C) - you will need to put these in Sprutcam machine configuration of your robot in terms to have correct code.
    here you can find some info about it:….html?tool_user_frame.htm
    2. To use rotary table you need to know the exact dimensions/coordinates of the table base center and insert that data in Sprutcam and THEN the software will output correct code. Is your table calibrated?
    3. In Sprutcam you have a variety of postprocessor to use - just pick the basic KUKA one, if you have only the one for KRC4 ask your dealer to send you an older one. If they cant help, write back here and i will send you what i have here.

    Hope that helps, Sprutcam is one of the best packages available and is really easy to use - but you need to put some efforts in the beginning :)
    BTW i wrote earlier to different users here about how to configure Sprutcam - use the search in the forum to find this info.

    Unfortunately there is not installdoc folder here :( it is just GERMAN folder - for German language i think - probably copied from the original CD..if you have those instructions on PDF, can you please share? I am really struggling how to install this beast :(

    Thank you for the help!

    No CD, just a folder with Windows 95 installation in German. I don't have the installation CD with the robot...
    So i need to make a bootable CD - that i understand and can do. What the KIS folder - what is the purpose of it?

    Hello everyone!
    I need help in reinstalling windows 95 on a KRC2 robot - year 2003. I have the windows folder and a KIS folder and also folder KRNL UPDATE and Y2K ... not sure what is the right way to do that.
    Can someone help?

    Can you give more info about how to comment and uncomment file names to prevent errors in linking?
    And finally - how to trigger the start of the first file?

    Rally appreciate any help on the topic!