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    Hello, i need help with a robot, who is changing by itself the driver status - the I on the bottom left of the screen.

    System is krc2 ed05, KSS 5.6.10 5.6.12, Safe Robot with SafeOp 2.2.6. The robot is KR150 L110

    The robot worked fine until yesterday - it asked for brake test. After it was done there was some errors - please see the attached screen.

    The problem we have is after that the robot started to change the driver status the I sign is going from red to green and back by itself.

    After we restart the robot, it is ok, can be moved by hand etc. When we execute a program in AUT mode it is starting and after a few movements stops with red I (IO status sign) and it is impossible to be moved even in T1.

    To me it looks like a bad connection somewhere, but not sure where to look exactly. We exchanged the KCP panel but the problem i still there.

    Anyone faced such situation?

    Thank you in advance!

    Yes, AUT mode.
    Already swapped the KCP - nothing changed :(

    $DRIVES_OFF and $MOVE_ENABLE are as by default - 1025

    If you take a look at the PDFs you will notice that there are some more pins:

    No messages at all :( it seems all is good... i recall may be i saw "safety circuit not ready" but it was cleared afterwards and didn't came up. Also i did some cold starts without any warnings etc...

    I will check the AutoExternal signals and write here

    The connections - checked triple with multimeter (and more):

    I have nothing at 71, 108, 70, 54


    I am trying to run a KR16-2 KSS 5.6.10 robot with KRC2ed05 PC
    I did the X11 from the forum files - standard KRC2 type and the robot is moving fine in manual mode (T1 and T2) but cannot be moved in AUT - the I stays red
    X11 doesn't have pins on numbers 37 and 40

    The KSS is clean install, so all in Automatic external is at default settings.

    I am attaching two pages with the description of the X11 of this particular robot as i suspect that there may be is something else need to be done on the X11

    I swapped the PC and the KCP with no luck

    Any advise appreciated!

    Hi guys, another problem to solve - i need to use a formerly cooperative robot KR16-2 with KSS5.6.10 as a standalone robot. There was two robots of the same type with a lamps on the A3 axis (removed now)
    I reinstalled the KSS so it is a clean install now the problem is that they dont want to move :) - no errors on the pendant, but still i cannot enable the drives.

    Any idea where to look?

    there are two plugs - X270 and X271 which i am not sure how to use - may be the problem is there?
    Or it is with the lamp for A3?



    Hi again, i have another problem - it is not messing the work of the robot but i really would like to get rid of it.
    On the same robot i have now message "Boot failed for module: PNIODriver"
    I am not using Profinet, i use Ethercat for IO, so i removed the installed previously Profinet Nexxt driver as it was looking for a PLC or something
    There are no other errors left, and the robot is working just fine.

    Any idea how can i remove that message from coming up?