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    Hello everyone!

    I have here a KRC4 compact cabinet, KSS 8.6 and KR8 R1620 ARC HW robot for welding.
    What i need to do now is to add a one axis rotary positioner like KP1-HC.

    I asked a KUKA for a drive box, positioner etc. but they are telling me that it is not possible to add any KUKA positioner to this compact cabinet.

    I don't need load more than 500kg for the positioner, so it can be with the smallest possible motor, but still they are saying it is not possible.

    Anyone with experience in this?

    I really need to use positioner with this robot - how this can be done?

    Or i need to buy a small size cabinet - that would be really expensive as they suggested...



    Thanks you Panic Mode! I am sorry for any frustration my questions caused :frowning_face: was a bit desperate about this robot :smiling_face:
    Lets hope to have the required firmware upgrade from KUKA!
    Thanks again!


    Well, after some time working fine, the robot stops with this message:
    Ackn: Reply from safety node or drive wrong

    Ackn: Safe device communication error

    Ackn: Error in safety node or drive

    what document?

    With the description of the safety inputs and outputs - i suppose that is the profisafe pdf?

    At the moment we have it working fine in AUT mode, but from time to time - cannot get exact interval as it is between 3 and 30 mins we have message Ackn: Reply from safety node or drive wrong

    Any idea?

    You are right, hard to say otherwise :smiling_face:

    I didn't erase the original HDD - it is still here, with a ghost copy.

    I just used a blank HDD and insert the image on it (from the other robot)

    So i have the original HDD but the information on it is hard to use as it was using unknown PLC in the VW factory.

    Meanwhile, we are moving a bit forward - no errors on the screen, robot is moving fine.

    When trying to move it in AUT the I cannot be activated :loudly_crying_face:

    There are some errors appearing and gone and coming back again which i think are caused by the safety plc

    I will write back with more info!

    Thank you for the feedback it is really helping!

    BTW - where can i get the document you posted above?


    why don't you compare this project with original one that was working before? don't have old project to check but CCU board includes safety node that should appear on X48 bus. This is where X311 jumper or X11 enabling switch connect to.


    I already added this node - X48-> SION CIB and the error now is gone.
    The problem we have now is that the deadman switch is like not working...
    There is no working project with this robot - the original HDD wont allow me to login as administrator so i cannot see even the network - it is very limited interface.
    The WoV projects inside are without a robot, just cabinet.
    I am not sure if the robot was originally with this cabinet :frowning_face:
    The HDD image i installed was working on the original machine, but with safety X11 interface :frowning_face:
    I really feel lost with this KCP unable to move the robot in anyway.
    May be we need to setup something in ProfiSafe settings?
    Or may be specific settings for the Auth Ext?

    Thank you for replying!

    Not sure about reason, but as far i can see it says that the servo parameters are incorrect, means you need to look over machine.dat file

    Hard to say more as you give very limited info about this

    Good luck!

    a little bit more progress: i added a SION CIB to the X48 and now the error is not there, we have clear screen.
    But we are unable to move the robot :frowning_face: i suppose there are settings connected with the deadman switch on the KCP as it like not working at the moment when you press it - nothing happens.

    Any idea?

    A little update - we managed to solve the Safety stop error - it needed to be attached to an input.

    The PLC is working without errors - all green.

    Any info about the flashing SYS-X48 error is highly appreciated, as we can't move the robot :frowning_face: without solving it...

    Hello everyone,

    i am fighting with a robot from VW factory, bought by a friend and i really feel lost :frowning_face:

    Here is the data:

    KR210 R3100 Ultra
    KRC4 KSS 8.2.28 HF5
    the robot was without safety system - no X11, Profisafe used i suppose.

    As the original software wont allow administrator login, i had to use image of another robot with standard safety - X11

    I cleared up as much i can in WOV, installed Profinet 8.2 and and S7 1200 (safety version) so now we have safety working.

    The problem i have currently is this error flashing:

    <SYS-X48> Ethercat bus error
    Safe device communication error

    Safety stop

    Under SYS-X48 i dont have anything installed

    I even removed the SYS-48 bus from the project but the error on the robot was still there.

    Any idea how to proceed?

    Another strange thing i noticed - when i changed the robot in WV - i had to remove the one from the project (model KR180 R2500) - so after i uploaded the new WV config, the robot model on the real robot wasn't changed - instead of KR210 R3100 it was still KR180 R2500. I had to change the machined.dat manually ... any idea why that happened, just curious?

    May be on the old version of KSS we need to do part of the work manually?



    just to update the topic - on the end it seems the problem was in the KPS.

    We exchanged it and now all is good.

    Thanks everyone for the help!

    It was actually SkyeFire comment about the I being motor power indicator that made me think we may have problem with the power suply.

    Thanks again!

    i am still trying to figure out where to look...

    changed it as suggested from kuka support.

    The idea was that may be a faulty esc board is throwing some errors and causing the robot to stop.

    Any idea what may cause that random red/green change of the io state?

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