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    I believe that just means it has the M16-i robot on it, which is the more generic name for the ArcMate-120i.

    For it to have welding software, you would see an ArcTool version installed.

    3/64 4043 wire on spools.

    3/64 Tregaskiss standard duty tough lock contact tips

    I was hoping you were going to say barrel instead of spool. I've had similar issues with barrels of wire and Tregaskiss contact tips where I needed to use their ".045R" contact tip for .045" diameter wire which is a 1.0mm diameter tip instead of 1.2mm.

    The easiest thing I would try it to use the .045" diameter tip instead of the 3/64". The reason I needed to use a slightly undersized contact tip on a barrel of wire is because the cast and helix of the wire didn't provide as good of contact for the wire in the contact tip.

    I would also check and verify that you have a good connection of your weld cables to the wire feeder and the fixture, and that they are sized appropriately for the amperage you are running.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but what you're saying is the following:

    PR[3] = PR[1] + PR[2]

    PR[3] can now be used as a 2D Shift+Rot offset?

    I didn't realize you could combine offsets this way.

    It's possible that a cable in the weld circuit is worn out, or is loose and causing a poor connection.

    Another more unusual, but possible cause that I've seen is if you have another welder connected to the same welding circuit. Possibly being used to tack a part in before the robot welds, and the two circuits interfere with each other. I'm guessing this probably isn't the case since you said it was working before.

    I've used Servo Robot on a Fanuc in the past, and I was wondering if anyone has a preference between Servo Robot and Meta Vision Systems.

    The last time I was at Lincoln Automation, I believe they had started to use Meta because it was less expensive and the support was better, but it still worked through the Servo Robot option on the Fanuc side. I'm just wondering if anyone has used both, and what their experiences have been.


    I've noticed when I'm testing my welds in T1 that the weave will increase frequency after a few cycles. This happens both when the weld is on, and when the weld is off. It's almost as if the weave frequency is ramping up, but I don't have (at least in my program) any weave ramping. Is it possible there is a variable set that is causing this?

    I'm stumped by this one because I've never seen it before.


    I am currently working with 3 R30ia controllers with ArcTool on them. 2 of these controllers are setup to start using the Style method, and one is setup using RSR. I thought it would be as simple as changing it from RSR to Style, and picking the program I wanted to start for my Style, but that didn't seem to work. I suspect I'm missing something in the ArcTool Setup manual.

    My goal is to have a "Main" program that is then used to call other programs for the parts that are running, or torch clean cycles, etc. I would like that "Main" program to run every time the Cycle Start input on the UOP panel is pressed.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    I was wondering if anyone knew where I might find a service manual for a Panasonic VR-008L manipulator.

    I have an operations manual, but I need to perform maintenance on this arm and replace some parts.


    I'm currently in a situation where I'm not sure if I will run out of touch schedules. Is it possible to use the same touch schedule (with the same data in the schedule) to search for weld joints in different programs? For example:

    Program 1: I use Touch schedule 1 for a 2D shift and rotate, and in the program I store the offset data to PR[1]

    Program 2: I use Touch schedule 1 for a 2D shift and rotate, and in the program I store the offset data to PR[2]

    Or am I truly limited to only 32 different part searches among all programs in the robot?


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