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    Do You use Fronius power source?

    I have the same issue, in old TPS and earlier TPSi firmware - if You use two signal at the same time -, xmwire function forces it (- wire inching and touch sensing - ) Fronius firmware gives no voltage on wire...

    For me the solution was to write own function using XAC command - I'm going towards the "Z" axis from the tool direction, if the height is OK - I'm going to weld, if the height is NO OK - going to the cleaning station and cut the wire to the desired height.

    If anyone has a better solution, I would be grateful for the idea.

    Secondly, my problem: I've been asked to implement a solution to change the speed of the robot ( an RS007n with F controller) mid-movement without stopping; from my experience I don't think it is possible, but I thought it was worth asking here.

    It is tricky, but it is possible.
    Try to use "slow repeat mode" - this is the only method known to me to change the speed during movement (since D-CON).

    Firstly in AUX / advanced setting / set slow repaet speed expressed in % (unfortunately it can't be in mm/s unit).
    Then use the dedicated signal "Ext. slow repeat mode".

    Of course, you should immediately activate Cubic-S speed monitoring on the two-channel input when the signal "Ext. slow repeat mode" is turned on (actually off because this one signal is in negative notation).

    if you are using a arc welding software controller you should use W1SET or W2SET command to set speed in arc interpolation: LWS LWE etc.
    Give us some more code of your program.

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