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    Hi Ben014

    Thanks for reply, I have configured my salve robot to the external positioner ,but I think there is a problem in my cell configuration in compare that with picture that you have post it .you can take a look to my attachments files .

    It seems I have to defined a base between my salve robot and my external axis . (my external axis is connected to the master robot)

    At the moment I am using KUKA robotTeam 3.1 and ArcTechBasic and ArcTechAdvanced .

    one question regarding the motionsynch over Spline as blew !!!

    When I use Spline block with Sync instruction during the welding process ,

    Should I add sync instruction for each point that are included inside Spline block or not ?

    to better understanding if I define a SYNC with synchronization flag to the header of Spline block is enough ?

    Note: I try to use ARC SPLINE also that is included inside of ArcTechAdvanced,

    one thing is amazing I can not add any motion inside of ARC SPLINE . I don't know why KUKA is provided this instruction !!!!

    Hi friends

    One think is making me busy !!! the relation ship between two welding robot that working on one positioner that is moving and controlling by master robot.

    how we can transfer the position of External Axis of master robot to the slave robot. Because I see my salve robot is moving faster than master robot and when wants to stop to the last point salve robot decrease it's speed to at the end to give time to master robot to reach to the end during cooperation and welding procedure

    I am using Roboteam 3.1 and My KSS is 8.6 .....

    Does any body can give me an idea, Because nothing is cleared regarding this problem that I have in KUKA documentation


    Another issue regarding the KUKA RoboTeam .

    I am using KUKA RoboTeam 3.1.

    We can use Program and motion synchronization method inside the robot programing ,to manipulate this issue according the KUKA documentation we have to use SyncCmd() in the KRL programming format ..

    This command enables program and motion synchronization in the program.

    But I don’t know how to use it this command!!! Because when I write this code in the robot program I see some error message like syntax error and so on …




    And in the KUKA documentation there isn’t any example regarding this command.

    Please take a look to the attachment, there is KUKA description regarding this command.

    Please help me if somebody already has used this command in his program and the people who are expert to write this code.

    Hi Panic mode

    Forgive me because of for my late answer.

    Actually I have been in KUKA College for expert programming level 1 and 2 and

    I wasn't in KUKA roboteam training unfortunately.

    I am using KUKA standard document that you can find in drive D of robot as KUKA OPTION.

    I don’t know I am allowed to share that document here or not?

    So I don't have KUKA training document at the moment. And I can’t be in training course during next 3 month.

    This story is a little bit funny because I am working on welding project with 2 robot and one external positioner with option roboteam but finally I will find a solution to remedy and run the project.

    Here during the project running that I am working with roboteam. I ask some question and during this procedures we share our experience about this issue.

    I don't want to call you directly to answer me and thanks a lot for your comments regarding my previous problem

    but my other challenge regarding this item:

    Finally I could couple two robot with PROGSYNC and SYNC instructions and two robot follow each other simultaneously but during movement regarding path program robots move step by step. it means master robot wait for salve robot for each step by SYNC instructions .this is strange for me because in my program I put CONT (Continuous movement) per each point and also I have checked for robot program pointer $Advance in both robots are set to 3!!!

    Any way I can't use this way for welding application because robot stopped per each point for a short time and when I remove sync command slave robot will run its program a little bit faster than master robot. Imagine that the master robot is moving around the turntable (external axis is connected to the master) and salve robot should follow them.

    I have to use SYNC instructions to use indirect geometric coupling but I don't know why both robots are moving step by step .this is my other challenge regarding the roboteam

    Although I know this is a new process, (RoboTeam) maybe someone can help me

    Hi Panic mode and many thanks for useful information

    Yes in welding procedure we can use this method as you have explained

    This command is used for each robot (master and salve program ) to wait for each other :

    PROGSYNC A1 -> 1_2 WAIT

    I have used this simple command and both robot are waiting to each other and master robot turn the it's positioner and two robots weld the workpiece that installed on the positioner .

    We can use this Command for other side of workpiece just with changing A1 to A2 ,and we can manipulate our program as well.

    According my little experience load sharing in not good method to start two robot for welding application .and also you have explained as Well

    But my question was other thing :

    Now with my little experience I can run my project ,but for my experience to better project running in future I want know where is the location of my fault actually ?

    If you take a look to the attachment (some pages of roboteam Documentation)

    We have two section, one is Calibrating the RoboTeam and other one is Checking the calibration and geometric coupling !!!!

    I have described my problem that exist at the moment in my previous post in this tread .

    Please consider two robot are not installed in a same level !!!!

    You and other friends make me happy to explained me how I can solve my problem

    Another question regarding the calibration and geometric coupling

    Because I have calibrated salve robot regarding master robot and to check the calibration procedure.

    I move the master and in this case salve robot should follow the master robot, but here I have got problem about slave tracking against the master robot.

    When I jog the master robot, salve robot will follow according the flange of master robot.

    In direction of X and Y and Z and Also B Axis it is ok but in direction of A and C, slave robot goes wrong way, a little bit I am wonder about this situation.

    There is one remark: two robot are not installed in same level!

    Should I install both robot in same level? To better understanding take a look to the attachment!!!

    Does anybody has any experience regarding the problem that I have?

    Hello Panic mode

    I have prepared motor with gearbox (MGU3100-118,5_KSP64) form KUKA ,

    Then I have mounted on the structure as you see in picture .So my External kinematic type is rotary and also is connected to the robot controller, and I can jog the axis with KCP also.

    So according the explanation that you have mentioned I have to change the Value of X distance of this Variable ?


    X : Distance of surface of external axis to my reference point that should be sufficiently far from axis of rotation, this is correct ?

    Dear Friends

    In order to be able to move the robot with a mathematical coupling to a kinematic System, the robot must know the precise location of the kinematic system.

    This location is determined by means of root point calibration.The TCP of a tool that has already been calibrated is moved to a referencePoint on the kinematic system 4 times.

    So where is the point?

    I have tried to do this process according the KUKA documentation, but when I move the robot to the reference point (Second point) around my external kinematic system I see this error message:

    Measured point of external kinematic system too close to other measured point.

    You see in the photo that I have attached.

    I am surprising because I moved my external kinematic system more than minimum distance 50.00 mm.that I am sure that I have done.

    As you see in the picture!!!!I see this error messages with several time with different robot configuration and different distances of my external kinematic system.

    And finally I am confusing that where is the location of my fault?

    Does anybody has any experience to manipulate this fault and help me to remedy this error message?

    Yes .Panic mode this is sharing mode .but I want to change the position of salve robot against to master robot just one time, after that slave follow the master on pipe. (My work piece)

    Imagine two robot are welding end of two side of one pipe, I want to change the position of salve robot in Y direction of work piece and I teach the position in master this state, when I select this point and push start button key both robot are moving to my favorite position. And there is no problem

    But when I reset the program in maser and salve robot my point position in salve robot will change!!!

    It means salve robot follow mater robot with a specified distance (with an offset)

    This offset is exact distance of robot base installation.

    Do you have any idea to manipulate this problem?

    Hello ellim

    my application is welding application that both robots should works simultaneously around the work piece that installed on the positioner ,So I has to use load sharing program to get best result in welding process ,

    I don't know, you understood my problem our not .

    I can't modify the points , all points will apply with an offset that I declare in the picture !!!

    to exchange X11 interface to profisafe interface you have to delete Safety Interface Board (SIB) form KUKA SYSTEM BUS and deploy the project to the controller , after that turn off power of SIB board .

    you have installed a dummy bridge on X11 connector even we know we have disconnected the power of the board , this item is mandatory !!!!

    Dear Friends

    I am working with two robots that they are coupled to each other with KUKA RoboTeam.

    I have configured as Figure A according they KUKA documentation.

    And also calibrate salve robot as Ext. kinematic systems with the master robot and this section has been done successfully.

    But my question:

    I have created example program with load sharing with 2 robots according the documentation, please see the attachment B.

    And program works as document says.

    Here when I change the position of master robot my slave robot will follow the master robot .for example when I change the angle of tool of master robot, slave robot also follow the master position.

    I am wondering that I cannot change the position of salve robot, for example I want to teach slave robot in higher distance against to master robot and after that follow the master robot.

    I expect that when I teach the robot position, system save the current position of robot that I need.

    But when I reset the program in salve and master robot and when I run the program in master robot ,salve robot follow the master robot in same height and distance with one offset ,

    Does anybody has suggestion to me how to manipulate the program that I need?

    Not, I didn't check the procedure that you have described .

    I just hold down stop button with Programmable Key 4 ,to check pendent goes to calibration screen or not ? after that pendent said ''erasing calibration data '' but unfortunately nothing happened after that .

    normally after that we can calibrate touch screen and also joystick and some other setting .

    Let to check this procedures !!!

    I have one IRC5 controller with FlexPenedt Generation TPU3 ,but when I turn on the controller system bootup from flash disk and I can see the motor on button light is lit and blinking .

    in this case on the tech pendent is written ''booting in progress......."

    so I guess the problem is belongs to FlexPendet ,

    to check the FlexPenedt I went to another controller in another place , in that place I have IRC5 controller With FlexPendent Generation TPU2 .

    When I have connected my wrong TPU to this Controller ,the problem ''booting in progress.....'' is written on the FlexPendent screen again ..

    but my question:

    According the test procedures that I have done ,Can I say ,the problem is completely comes from FlexPendent and should be change with new one ?

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