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    I working on a system RW 5.16 and robot model IRB6640-205/2.75, recently facing the error as below:

    Error code 100000: Internal Error

    Description: Servots.c 7016 Cannot move robot in state CONTROL OFF.MG=0

    Error code 100000: Internal Error

    Description: Servo.c 2121 Control on Timeout

    May I know what is the root cause of this error?

    Hi Rainman,

    Loading sharing mode and process independent mode can switch in between in the program. Just switch the mode if you need teach point for both robot separately. If Slave follow Master then switch it back to Load sharing mode.

    Just to share my experience here, there is more easy to make welding program with process independent mode. Hope it can help.

    Yes, I did all the steps as below:

    1. Installed the tight vnc software on KRC2

    2. assigned IP address as I post previously

    3. Running the vnc software on KRC2 as server

    4. connected KRC2 to an Ethernet switch

    5. Installed the tight vnc software on PC

    6. assigned IP address on PC

    7. connected PC to same Ethernet switch

    8. Running the vnc software on PC as viewer

    9. Input the KRC2 IP address and start connect with viewer

    At the end the vnc viewer showing error failed to connect

    Any step missing or tips & tricks?

    I had facing a problem get the remote after installed the tight VNC in the KRC2 with KSS 5.4.14.

    I had connected the network with a switch and setting the IP address as attached picture.

    Anyone who get this works before could please give me some advise on this?

    let me know if you need more info.

    workvisual V2.4.5 only work for KSS V8.2.23 or lower version, please make sure the workvisual is compatible with KSS version. Please check the requirement of Workvisual version in the manual of Ethernet 2.2, if both are compatible then you can stay with workvisual V2.4.5.

    Yes the picture show above is the RDC i mention before, the 12Volts battery did not effect the connection between robot and controller, it only will cause the robot lost mastering after power off the controller. if the connecting cable site are connected then most probably the defected of RDC. i think the first thing you have to solve the transmission error, if not controller dun know the robot type without this connection.

    The transmission error is show that the robot is not connected with KR C1 controller, please check the connecting cable between robot and controller make sure it connected. if the connecting cable is connected, then maybe the RDC card on the robot was defected.

    Hello All,

    The KR C4 was connect the Master PLC with profinet, now the KR C4 was able connect with Master PLC but just had an error msg Profisafe communication error. Since it using profisafe as safety interface, i already activated the 64 safety IOs in the profinet setting, i think most probably the programming error at Master PLC. i not so good on PLC side, is there anyone can give me some hints how to check the safety configuration and programming at Master PLC? or may be can show me a simple test PLC program for check the safety interface?

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