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    If you need to install software option, there is a menu option.
    If you want to go to windows log expert, go startup, service, there should be option minimize HMI.


    I'm looking for manual, or at least information how is organized welding digital interface in Comau robots.

    grateful for any info.

    a additional point:

    24) dont forget, that if you want to use that robot in Europe you need the CE certificate

    Check it twice, to be sure that CE is up to date, because there where changes in EU law in last few years.
    When you will have to give final customer/end user CE for robotic cell, you can have problem if one of components is not fulfill law demands.

    Unfortunately in KRC4 is not so easy to give additional monitor, like in krc2.
    This is because smartPad is not a just panel, it is a computer which logs in, as external desktop on KRC.

    I heard from KUKA that there will be an option or a package for that, but not yet.

    so on robot side you have to declare signals which are normally read as integer. so you will have to use some coding. Example divine by 100.
    With strings is little problem, because in KUKA robots, strings are only as char array. But it only means that you will need additional signals for coordination of reading a string. And algorithm for changing integer to char.

    I would suggest to make copy of base_corr in search sub program. Because you can obtain a small problem with it if apr catch other base than you were using while searching. But I can be wrong, and it is not necessary.

    On KRC4 and KRC4 compact you do not have device net in any form as standard.
    As standard you got Ethernet and EtherCat. You can get almost any net type thru EtherCat net bridge from backhoff. Or you can use modules which uses Ethernet or EtherCat. If I remember correctly there is hardware for profinet.
    All configuration you do with WorkVisual. You make project with whole configuration from cabinet and robot, to the net and I/O's.

    Evry thing You have said is truth. But thing worth to be remember is that there are markets where renewed robot will find customer even if You tell him "it will work few months, maybe a year".

    For example i'm helping to start up three old kukas. And the owner is really convinced that it is worth of time and money he spend on it.

    Actually in the kuka referance manual it says if the gripper is a simple 2-way pneumatic gripper it will have 2 outputs and 4 inputs.

    2 robot outputs and 4 robot inputs.
    Outputs for OPENING and CLOSING.
    Inputs for state of griper. And question is how many sensors are on the griper. In most cases of 2-ways grippers, I had two sensors. So only two inputs. But better check documentation from Shunk.

    Some good news, from KUKA SimPro training.
    You can connect SP with OL, installed on other PC. But you have to check carefully all firewalls, routers and so on... Because any delay on transmission can give a fault and SP and OL wouldn't see each other.

    Such connection between SP on one PC with many others PCs with OL is necessary when you have simulation with more than one robot. This is because you can have only one OL installation on one PC.


    I haven't seen such solution. SimPro and OfficeLite in standard should be installed on one PC, and be communicated through virtual network. This is standard solution. Other thing is to check is your SP is compatible with your OL, because from what I remember OL 5.4 works with SP 2.0.