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    Hello team,

    My system configuration is...

    ABB robot communicates with PLC on Ethernet IP and There are ATC and Gripper which is peripherals to robot for which robot is Master communicating on devicenet.

    If any slave module on Robot devicenet fails for goes to fault mode then how to generate a bit which will go to PLC.


    Hello Team,

    Can someone help me..

    In my upcoming project Customer has one Line PC and in that 10 robots are connected IP of line PC is 192.168.16.XX.

    Customer requirement is they will press backup and the backup will save in that Line PC in a particular folder.

    In robot we "FTP/NFS client option" and "PC Interface option" too.

    Please help me I'm new to Network programming.


    Hello team,

    First time I'm configuring safe move 2. W

    Our system contain:

    * In robot system we have following options...

    - 888-3 profinet device slave

    - 997-1 profisafe f device

    - 996-1 safety module

    * We are using safety Plc of Seimens

    - S7 1500 series

    Problem we are facing...

    * When we create signal in safety DO or safety DI it won't receive in plc, we are creating I/o using I/O engineering tool in RW 6.10.02

    * And plz let us know what shoud be source address and Destination address for SDO and SDI. And to to set it. And what is the procedure?

    Plz help me team...


    Hi Team,
    Anyone know how to get accurate plate thickness in ABB robot.
    I tried a lot but finally result is not consistent it varies after each tip dress.
    I checked lot of times tip dress and tip change program but it is ok even ABB told my program is ok.

    Anyone can help in this regard.


    Hi Friends,
    Here in my application when robot moves I pressed emergency or I restart..actually robot should start from where it stopped but sometimes robot skip the current line and moves to next line or instruction.
    So I want if at all anyone pressed emergency or restarted the system it should again run the current point where robot stopped and then only move to next point.


    Hello Friends,
    Using ABB Robots in one of our project.
    But the issue I'm facing is..
    Whenever we are doing tip wear calibration after tip dress the "curr_wear_fix" value is showing negative and some times "curr_wear_mov" value comes in negative.
    If anyone faced this issue previously please support to solve this.
    I'm here in a tremendous pressure.


    Can you please tell me which parameter did you change in communication ?

    And also I'm facing an issue which is..
    Whenever I do tip wear calibration using MeasurewearL the "curr_wear_fix" value is coming always in negative.
    Can anyone support me on this and customer wants only MeasutrewearL instruction to be use.


    Thanks for your help..
    The problem I'm facing is suppose SpotL instruction is running and at the same time someone press the emergency switch then robot stops but afetr resuming the system what happens weld gun opens back where it stopped and goes to the next point.
    So actually it is not taking the spot if I press emergency during SpotL instruction is running.

    Please help.

    Hi Team,
    Here One of our customer using MU300-1 motor (ABB make) in spot welding gun.
    Anyone knows how to tune MU300-1 Motor for spot welding gun.
    Please share any procedure if anyone have..actually I'm new to this..


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