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    eusty SkyeFire Thank you for your reply~!

    We didn't restore any archive,.actually we don't have ,the harddisk got problem and the old archive we did backup before is unavailable.we changed a new harddisk and do a standard system image.
    The "MACHINE.DAT" which runs in the robot now is a standard one which copied from D:\....(Every kuka robot got a backup in disk D) So we cann't compare the old and the new.

    The new controller is the same type with the old one, just 7 KSD in it~~
    I think we have to check whether the new controller KSD modle match the old Axis1 properly for motor. We think they are the same ,but we didn't check that.

    Thank you for your help again~!

    Controller got a malfunction and didn't work .We change the controller

    with the same type but which was 7 axis hardware config(7 KSD), the robot

    body doesn't have external axis. We reconfig the mada data and do

    calibration 6 axis with EMT. Robot plays well,no alarm or any error

    messages, but we check the robot carefully,the problem appeared.
    1 . We found its repeatability overstep +/- 0.2mm,even 2or3 mm.
    2 . The AXIS 1 brake didn't work well. Manually joggle the AXIS 1 (No

    tools on Robot even tool changer )in the T1 model and 20% speed,it is very

    vety slow actually,release the Deadman the robot would shaked evidently!

    Only one more KSD in the controller different,is that "KSD" make all

    above two problems ? do we need remove the KSD? We have no idea now~..

    Any help will be appreciated~!
    P.S . Controller Type VKRC2