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    Hi , if you cannot find MRC manuals on this site or Motoman, then PM me with your email address.
    Please remember the MRC is now old and you need to consider where best to use your resources.

    Hi , over the years we did it two ways , important you don’t lose the internal sealed air cooling cycle where the cabinet air is kept isolated from outside atmosphere dust and contamination.
    * Use separate air conditioner and pump air through the existing rear air duct.
    * bolt on the units (already mentioned) with extra holes on side of cabinet but make sure the internal air is kept isolated from external air.
    Some of these units don’t turn on till reached , just be aware of that.

    Why are Motoman less transparent? “Personal observations Only”.
    That’s the unfortunate side effect of people posting Secret Squirrel codes etc. On the internet. Motoman were one of the few companies that gave engineers “almost” full access to its software and the ability to write their own program variations. I use the analogy of -
    **“friendly” means you make 1x decision, the Software makes 6x , unfortunately not very flexible.
    ** “unfriendly” means you need to make 6x decisions & the software makes 1x , very flexible and can be written to fit many applications. (Red-Hat springs to mind)
    With the posting of Motoman security codes Eng’s. unwittingly gave, what would have been paying customers, the access to free software that motoman spent many years and $ creating.
    Result = motoman fell into line along with other major Robot manufacturers. Several Manufacturers will to take you to Court for just copying manuals , ie. “copyright”.
    This is the reason there are warnings about openly posting security codes in the Forum.
    Some people think everything should Be openly posted and shared , these same people usually have not had to invest any of their own personal $ in their endeavours.
    Hope this helps explain, from my point of view.

    Hi , I’m sure you think you have most manuals , however, much information is under “secret squirrel” codes & manuals , so here’s some information that might help you Understand.
    There’s three limits for each axis . Note parameters = 8x axis + direction & 8x axis - direction.
    “Pulse Soft limit”- these are under parameters S1CxG070 > G085 ( & more accessible)
    “Mech Soft limit “ - under parameters RCxG624 > G639
    “Motor Limit “ - under parameters RCxG640 > G655.
    So the short answer to your question- 1st limit is the Pulse limit (next - Mechanical limit
    (next - Motor limit ( next - Steel or Aluminium casting.
    Why so many i here you ask ? Mech & Motor are very similar and left over from previous model formats ,
    Later models had some soft limits dropped.
    Hope this helps.

    Only change systems Battery with the POWER ON ! If you change “any Batteries” it pays to leave the power On.
    it’s also a good idea to drive the robot to it’s mechanical/ encoder Home position before changing any Batteries this way if you loss recorded Origin position you can re-record without losing positional Data for existing taught programs. one of the weakest components in any electronic circuit is Electrolytic Capacitors and the Super Cap. Is one such device , don’t trust them. They age faster with the power off , it’s a crap game.
    I have the manual for the XRC -SV3LX if you send me a PM with your email address i will fwd it.

    Hi , when two batteries are parallel paired a Blocking Diode is put in the circuit to stop discharge between batteries, when batteries have a small output ie. 3volts , putting a silicone Diode with a Fwd VDrop of .5volt , starts to defeat the purpose , especially when Battery alarms are set approx. 2.5volts. By using a Germanium Diode the VDrop is only .2volts , unfortunately this type of Diode has a very small amp loading/rate. To protect it a resistor is put in series , this protects the Diode by limiting battery discharge.
    For 30 years all We did was buy the batteries from any source ( Hongkong) and reuse the resistor & Diode circuit.
    Hope this helps.

    Hi , no you cannot Clone the Applcation from another controller , your Yaskawa rep. Is correct .controller needs to be reinitalized using “Secret Squirrel “ code.
    Do remember however, that you can use any application for a range of uses, the 4 x basic initalized applications ( Arc welding - Spot welding- Handling- General Purpose) are only to make the software friendly, they do not stop you from using a , example , Arc welding applcation for Handling etc.

    Hi , the bottom line is what ever works for you , just need to remember one thing , don’t make it so complex that others cannot quickly understand the methodology otherwise your making a “Rod for your own back” , ie. don’t make your self indispensable , you cannot take a holiday .

    Hi , I’m not familular with your welder setup, however, some “welders “ when Arc On is requested start with a slow wire speed and increase when an “Arc is struck” to requested higher Arc file condition wire speed.
    This is used to get a better Arc start . With teach pendant it can operate as you describe .

    Hi , I believe in your second paragraph you have answered your own question, Yes ! Not always critical.
    there are times , in certain applications, when other manufacturers sensors etc. Just don’t sync well with the installed motoman software and you need to fine tune the CIO to suit.

    Hi , would suggest you go to Webb site , Support , document . And look for NX100 , “ Interupt Job Function”.
    Most of what I think you want is shown , EI ( enable interrupt) DI ( disable interrupt ) & connections etc.
    I know it’s under Nx100 , that’s why I suggested it.

    Hi , I’m beginning to wonder whether your Touch programs & CIO is correct, it’s a good idea to have a safety interlock in the CIO “Weld On” string. What this entails is to add in the Weld On instruction line the “Touch sensing off” output.
    This stops any chance of the two signals getting out of Sync.
    Sometimes the touch program is not completed due to welding problems and is aborted half way through its procedure , if the touch programs are not written correctly and the touch program is not resett correctly. You could have a premature Touch On request.
    By having the afor mentioned interlock it locks out the welder and it will not work. It’s simply a precaution is case the Touch Sensing program is not full completed and therefore reset correctly.
    Many years ago (XRC) Motoman printed out the instruction set examples and you would write/compile your own touch sensing programs , nowadays I believe Motoman supply a prewritten program you purchase along with the Parameter configuration. I would suggest you have some one confirm your Touch Programs and CIO are correct.

    Hi , “typically” the welder requires a “High Current Blocking Diode” fitted to the welding current + output terminal, (sometimes it’s on the - side) this allows a low voltage DC sensing voltage to be connected to the torch terminal circuit . This allows sensing voltage to be applied and not have a closed circuit if the welding wire is not in contact with the base metal. If the Blocking Diode is not in place and the Welder is not internally suited for this type of sensing , the sensing voltage could complete its circuit through the welder and not needing the welding wire touching the workpiece. You will get incorrect sensing.
    You need to check what you have in place in your system, there are all manner of welders out there that “must have the Blocking Diode” ,some of the very modern welders have their circuitry already designed for this type of operation.
    The exact same thing applies for the Wire Sticking circuit, although Motoman EW welding pcbs will most work on welders that have a resistance above 50 ohms between welder output terminals.
    Please also remember that this Sensing voltage “MUST” be removed/isolated before the welder is turned on otherwise you will send welding voltage into the sensing circuit and damage it .
    So my advise to you is #check your welder is setup correctly,
    # with the + output cable removed from the welder you don’t have intermittent connection to - side of welder.
    # is there another “manual welder “ also connected to the same base metal for remedial work ?
    Look for the easy simple issues because that’s usually the problem.

    Hi , the touch sensing circuit is usually using a rapid input , they can have any type of switching ie, laser, Micro or reflective light beam as examples.
    If it’s being used on the Mig/Mag welding wire then the circuit is possibly already closed/shorted on the mig/mag wire to earth. Check your insulation and welding circuit, if you are also using the “Wire Sticking” feature ? You could have this error being triggered as well.