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    You did not talk about the welding rectifier - do you have some favorites?

    What I suggest: make up an issue list

    - welding equipment

    - welding tasks

    - Interface robot to welding equipment

    - whatever You think, that could be important

    With this list check the robot manufactures to see what they can apply and offer


    at the moment there are two different threads discussing the same thing!

    First of all:

    If both computers are not in the same domain, the connection (is just a little bit) more difficult (I learned that from dealing with OPC).

    You have to emulate the domain by

    beeing in the same WorkGroup

    have the same User installed (including pass word)

    sometimes DNS (Domain Name Server)

    What You should check first:

    do I have an additional share

    doing that by calling on your robot contol (here Public)

    Having the same User

    Sharing folder is a windows functionality and it has nothing to do with KSS version

    not in this case:

    starting with KSS v7 KUKA is using CIFS (Common Internet File System)!

    This will be a good start

    will be cont

    and maybe the setup did not installed some dependencies (like Dot.NET). Did you have an internet connection while installing (in order to download missing dependencies)?

    The dokumentation should show you which DOT.NET version you need; is this version installed on your computer?

    Did you check the windows event logs (maybe you could find some information there)?

    Where did you save the downloaded version of WoV?

    What I have seen on page 3:

    DSEAT33 all green

    No connection to RDW in read

    Wiring program?

    as mentioned by fubini in post #26

    send a screen shot of this page (the filed for the serial number should be grayed out and is just for information)

    I do not have a robot system available to go thru step by step.

    Maybe some other reader of this thread could be more helpful.

    You can try to switch back to the english language and send the screen shot

    What do you mean by loading driver?

    In menu select setup, the 5 Robot data

    Here you should be able to select the data you want (RDW or HDD)

    Because you changed the robot (rdw) you should take the date from HDD

    You just showing the same information again, but in a differernt language.

    Is it working now or do you still have some problems?

    as mentioned earlier take the data from hdd

    The rest is just information

    PNIODRV error is gone

    Well, I have a different version and the messages do not match

    So you need to switch the language to english

    but still waiting for the KSS version.

    With this we can check messages ourselfs

    and also the KSS version

    The RDT error should mean (from what I can red), Serial on RDW differs from Serial number on HDD.

    Because you replaced the rdt I would expect using the one from HDD