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    I'd be surprised if anyone has a copy of KCmon. Even Kawasaki software engineering said it didn't work.. if you do find a copy and get it working.... good for you! :yesyesyes: best of luck

    depending on your interface and application you need to set up the clamp conditions in AUX 114. Once you set these up, then you would use the clamp buttons on the interface. There is IO run out the the Arm usually that you can tie your gripper into.

    In actuality, your problem statement is pretty vague. This error means that the current value calculated in repeat mode and the following value was exceeded. What you have in your favor is it was only JT4. Depending on the movement and what it is suppose to do you could have a variety of issues. For starters, is the movement a strong jerky movement? is it in singularity where JT 4,5 and 6 are all at a zero postion and the robot can choose several different paths of movement? Does this only happen in repeat or in teach also?
    If this robot was operating normally, then you quite possibly could have a motor or an encoder problem. This is an encoder error, but the speed errors many time refer to the fact that the breaks are slipping, or there is a motor failure. The encoder is tracking properly, but the motor movement is excessive. Can you move the JT4 by hand when it is not in operation or if JT4 drifts when it is sitting with with no motor power, but if you give it motor power, does is hold? Then you probably have a motor problem. There are gearing issues, electiral issues, and so forth that can cause this also, but this is where I would start.

    OK. first, you need to put new batteries on your encoder board. Once again, im not sure if you have a non HQ or HQ robot? Either way, there are batteries on the board on the base of the robot. You either have to buy a new battery pack from Kawasaki, or sodier new lithium battiers to the existing battery pack. Either way, you need new batteries or this problem will come back EVERYTIME you power down the controller.
    After you change the batteries, you need to determine if you have an HQ or non HQ robot AD controller to zero the robot. On the panel on top of the controller, you will see the AUX button. Press this, and then goto AUX 140, and AUX 41. IF 140 does not exist, then you have a non hq robot. either way, follow what i stated in previous post.
    Once you clear the encoder battery low errors, and zero the robot, you should be able to move the robot normally.

    Sounds like your robot lost zero and is lost. Did you get encoder battery low errors before this happened? From what I remember you have an AD controller, but not sure if HQ or not? If this is HG, go to function 140 and zero the joint with problems or 0 for all. Next goto function 41 and do the same. If this is non HQ then function 140 will not exist. You will need to go to the base of the robot and toggle the switches on the board at the side cover with the controller on. This is your encoder board. After doing this, cycle power to the controller. Then do the operation at aux 41. After you zero where you are, teach the robot to scribes and zero it again in the correct location.

    Tdevine77 gives some good advice! Forf standard is CP is on. Continuous Path (CP) allowes the controller to plan the path of motion before it moves. This allowes the contoller to look ahead 3 steps to plan the best path. In theory, your movements sould be smoother. The main way it would mess with movement is if it calculated the path beteen linear or joint movements as it looked forward, but in general should not cause issues. It just plans the path. Can you please define does not move as expected? That's actually a broad statement. Linear to joint move? Vise versa? CP? Speed? Accuracy? There are several veriables that effect your movments.