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    I have a rather large machine with a lot of ethernet devices. There is a main dell Powerconnect 7024 ethernet switch that I am using to manage all of the ethernet traffic.

    In the dell switch I have set up VLANs to cut down on ethernet traffic to the ethernet cards I have on my ControlLogix PLC (3 total).

    Now, I have LRMates on this machine with R30iA v7.7 controllers. This is where I'm having trouble......

    My PLC is on VLAN 3 with an IP address of for example, my robot is (subnets are set at

    My safety CIP connection is working fine, but my normal ethernet I/P connection is going in and out. About 1 second of a good connection and 7 seconds of no connection. I know my PLC is configured correctly since when the switch is at factory settings it works just fine.

    Is there something in the Ethernet I/P connection in Fanuc that would not allow VLANs to work? We've had a similar setup before and it worked fine, but I didn't have ethernet safety...

    Any suggestions will help.


    Contact Fanuc.

    There are patches for both the TP and the controller. Depending on your current software Rev you may need only one or both.

    I had a very similar problem where the TP would just hang at any point. The firmware upgrade on the TP and the software patch ended up resolving the issue.

    Do you have a PC hooked up to the controller when it locks up on you?

    I just ran into an issue a day ago where the PC caused the controller to freeze. (Windows 7, Internet Explorer)

    The iRVision Operator's Manual has all the steps of creating a successful vision program. I used it my first time setting up iRVision and I got it working perfectly only after the 2nd try running through everything. (1st time I didn't do the calibration accurately)

    Take your time on the calibration though. If you mess up there, you'll just have to redo it all when you get to the end.

    I know this post is old, but I was looking on how to tie Step to a DO without using BGLogic

    Here's how.


    This will set DO[61] to TRUE when in step mode.

    The orientation of the spindle depends on how it's mounted to the flange. You just need to do a trial and error approach to it.

    I'm willing to be that it's mounted perpendicular to the flange or parallel to it. In that case, you just need to put +-90 on the orientation of one or two fields (A,B,C). After you do this, move it to a taught point and see if it's in the correct spot.

    As for teaching the tool center point, there really isn't any automatic way of doing this. the 4 point approach is pretty accurate, but putting in CAD data is better.

    You could add an arbitrary pointer and teach it as the origin of a base. At that point maybe put a tube around it. Create a move that goes to 0,0,0 of the base you taught with the TCP of the endmill. This will at least verify that your taught TCP is what it was.

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