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    Unless it is controlled by an external source, use the % up and down keys. If it changes back, then something else is controlling it. PLC? Teach pendant program, background logic, etc.

    All of the above doesn't include ASCII. An FTP backup should work with the restore function, but usually I just send all files with FTP while the robot is in a controlled start if I need to do that and don't bother with the Fanuc restore.

    After you perform an all of the above backup, depending on the robot controller, you can also do an ascii backup from the same screen.

    Is the axis in question on a different servo amp? If it is a 7th axis, chances are you replaced the wrong servo amp. I just had the same error about 6 weeks ago.

    I would take a new image backup first then restore your next most recent one to see if it fixes the issue.

    I'm not sure what would cause the behavior, I try to avoid using PalletTool.

    Thank you for the reply. Sorry for the late response.

    I don't disagree with not using PalletTool, but we use it a lot.

    I was hoping to find a reason as to why. My thoughts were to restore from the previous image as well and see what happens.

    Do you have a backup? Do you have different login levels? Are quick vs full menus enabled?

    Yes I have backups. Yes I have an image from before this happened. There are no passwords in this machine. Yes I tried quick/full menus.

    Thank you for the reply and suggestions.

    Hello All. I've got a strange issue I have never seen before. I am thinking of reloading software and see where that gets me, but thought I'd ask here in case anyone has seen this before.

    Controller: R30iB

    Mechanical Unit: M410 500

    Software Version: 8.xx

    The issue is all of my unit loads have disappeared from the teach pendant. I also checked the optimal path to see if it was just a screen issue, and there are no unit load data in there either. Here is the strange thing, the machine runs just fine. They can even change jobs with no issues. Jobs and unit loads to run are done via the PLC.

    Any suggestions?

    I have an M410iB that will get a SRVO-251 DB Relay abnormal (G:1 A:5). I have replaced the servo amp and the e-stop board. Checked the connections. Replaced a damaged teach pendant. But the alarms keeps coming back. It happens about twice an hour. Not always in the same spot, but always on axis 5. What am I missing here?

    Also make sure

    From my view point:

    • 1. Which Palletizing tool (if any) would support the "fast" option for the orange pattern? My gut feeling is that, to the Palletizing tool, this would look like a mixed-SKU layer: Standard PalletTool does this, so there is no real fast or slow way. In pallet tool, you can pick 4 boxes at once, as well as 3 boxes at once. Of course depending on you end of arm tool. In palleTool, you tell it the groupings. Like if you are picking 4 boxes, it would be picks 1&2&3&4, Second pick would be 5&6&7&8, Three 9&10&11&12, last pick would be 13&14&15.

      2. Is there a decent "idiot's guide" to setting up PalletTool in RoboGuide? I'm trying to climb the learning curve for PalletTool and RoboGuide at the same time. I've downloaded the relevant manuals and starting grinding through them, but something more digestible would be nice. I have not seen anyting like this. RoboGuide is the most expensive unuser friendly software I have ever used.

      3. Is there an issue with telling PalletTool that I have "1 big box" that, in reality, actually is made of 3-4 real boxes? I've seen some "grouped pick" options in PalletTool that I haven't tried using yet (plus, it seems to be limited to 3 max?) There is not an issue with this as long as everyone who operates the machine knows this. We do it all the time. However, you do not have to pick 3 and tell it that it is 1 pick.

      4. I'm going to have two pick stations (A&B) and two palletizing stations (A&B), running different products at the same time. There won't be any product crossover between the A and B stations, but making cycle time might require having the robot switch between A and B on the fly -- pick&place one A group, then go over and service B while the A infeed is refilling. Does this present an issue for PalletTool? We write custom code to handle this. I do not know how PalletTool would normally handle this.

    This is just my viewpoint. I would wait for others to chime in before you make any decisions!

    SRVO-044: 3. Check the cables (CN3 and CN4) in the amplifier. Replace them if necessary. 4. Check the cable between the main CPU printed circuit board (JRV1) and the printed circuit board for the emergency stop control (JRV1). 5. Replace the servo amplifier.

    Make sure all the cables are plugged back in correctly. Sounds like you missed one?

    SRVO-150: Check the fan. Replace it if necessary.

    Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. Unfortunately I overlooked the obvious! What I found today was the connector going into the encoder had a piece cracked from it and did not hold on tight enough. I could wiggle the connector and get the BZAL alarm to show up every time!

    Sorry for not starting at step 1. Grrrr...