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    Hi Guys!

    Have someone worked with Interbus KRC4 using Kuka drive 2.0 instead of 1.0?

    I've seen some different details in the manual and I would like to talk about it.

    For example,
    Now the SVC file is located into the same folder however is necessary to use WoV to define which project interbus will be used. Before, the project could be selected by smartpad.

    Can I use the CMD 4.61 or later?

    This topic is just to exchange some experience in the KRC4 using Interbus 2.0.

    I believe there is no big changes.

    Warm regards.

    This is a similiar form to call routines, like a CallByVar instruction.

    Normally the %"SelCutRtn"% should be a 'string" data type and its value can change during the program depends on the necessity.

    Memory was the first thing that I thought . Milling process require memory and there is a big difference between both robots generation.

    The programmer could write all programs on the one PROGRAM *.prg, but this depends on each an other and sometime the memory is not available or enough.

    The module is used to separate procedure from others. For example there is a Module to CleanTorch and other module to arc movements.
    One program can have many modules and for each TASK one PROGRAM and many MODULE many PROCEDURES(routines) etc.

    In your case the process consumes a lot of memory... this is the problem even you put all things into one module the size could be bigger than available for it.

    Supposing that everything is ok (POWER ON event) I suggest you remove the LOCAL and let it Global.
    LOCAL VAR wzstationary wz_stn1 ;
    LOCAL VAR wzstationary wz_stn2 ;
    LOCAL VAR wzstationary wz_conv1 ;

    Good Question,
    The manual don't mention about this situation although there is a Service Routine which show the gearbox lifetime. The lifetime
    has 40,000 hours as standard value but this depends on the torque used and speed. Then you could analyze the data comparing with
    expected lifetime and how much % has already used.

    On other hand there is the production... 1000 hours considering 16 hours per day results about 60 days. Would be possible to do the preventive 60 days from now? Maybe not... In my opnion would be better do it now in this case.

    To reinforce the gearbox status you could collect the lubrificant during the procedure and send to a company to be analyzed.

    This message appears when maintenance time has came, then after the preventive procedure is necessary run the service routine,

    Open the program editor
    tap debug and tap call routine
    tap ServiceInfo to start this routine
    select the robot if there is more than one
    tap counter and reset

    I think you need know only the conveyor's speed, unless there is a "index" position on the conveyor. That way, its possible to the robot to follow the conveyor without a specific object tracked.
    The analog input Velocity Signal could help you to identify the conveyor's speed.

    One other form to do this BUT i particularly would like don't do it would be use one output DC to force the Input "new object strobe" but... can help you too.

    The R1.SMB is the connection on the base of the robot. Yes its the communication to Axis Computer

    The R2.SMB is the connection on the SMB board, the same communication coming from the R1.SMB through the internal cable.