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    I have a KRC4 backup and I need to read the I/O mapping.

    I don't have physical access to the robot but from the files in the backup I know the following:





    TechPacks=BoardPackage|DiagnoseSafety|EthernetKRL|KS26_V8_3_20_Basic|LoadDataDetermination|ProConOS 4-1|Profinet KRC-Nexxt|SafeOperation|WorkVisual AddOnVKR|WristMamesOffset|






    ProConOS 4-1=4.1.4

    Profinet KRC-Nexxt=3.3.1


    WorkVisual AddOnVKR=1.1.0


    Questions follow:

    The backup contains a lot of .WVS files. Opening \Registry\LMSoftware..amr I can read:

    "Current Project Name"="robot100"

    So I assume the right project to open is robot100.wvs

    Q#1: Is this the proper way to know which is the working project?

    Q#2: How do I know which WorkVisual version is the right one to install in Windows to open the project?

    Q#3: Can more than one version of WorkVisual be installed simultaneously in Windows 10 or should I i.e. uninstall version 3 - install version 4 ... and son on?

    Thank you!

    Rack 106 Slot 1 EtherCAT slave board, as seen in EtherCat_operator_manual_[B-83704EN_01].pdf

    Any idea what is this?

    From the "R-J3iB Mate LR Handling Tool B-81524EN-01.pdf" manual:

    The rack indicates the master of I/O link, the CRM79 interface, and the kind of hardware which composes I/O module to robot control PC board.

    – 32 = I/O Link slave interface (at slave mode)
    – 48 = CRM79 interface

    The slot indicates the number of I/O module parts which composes RACK. However, it is fixed to 1 for the CRM79 interface.


    Maybe the problem is cable too long. RS-232 is not recommended for electrically noisy environments (servos, motors, welding equipment, power cables, ...).

    I suggest using a *shorter* cable. Put the PC closer to the robot cabinet, I bet you'll end receiving ASCII garbage.

    Another idea would be to insert RS-232 to RS-485 converters in each end of the cable (robot side and PC side).

    RS-485 is much better, it uses balanced/differential signals and succeeds where RS-232 fails.

    Good luck,

    Hello. I would very happy if you could upload the following ones:

    00757079 E-Gun
    00757088 Fieldbus and Ethernet (hope there is something about Interbus there!)
    00757116-g PLC Manual (didn't know about PLC capabilities in Comau !)
    00757135-g EZ Programming Environment
    00757165 A-Stud

    Thank you in advance,

    "Kurzbeschreibung" from an old KRC30/51 german manual...

    $OV_ROB is der aktuell wirksame Override für das Robotersystem.

    Berechnung von $OV_ROB:

    Handverfahren: $OV_ROB=$OV_JOG
    Kommandoverfahren: $OV_ROB=$OV_PRO
    Bewegungen in Roboter Programm: $OV_ROB=$OV_PRO * $RED_VEL_C

    $OV_ROB spiegelt den aktuellen Overridezustand für die Roboterbewegung wider und kann nicht direkt über Programm- oder Bedienhandlung verändert werden.


    "according to the Kuka manual, it is impossible to send data through the rs232 connection while the robot is moving."

    That can be solved, I know two ways to do it:

    a) precede each COPEN/CREAD/CWRITE/CCLOSE with a CONTINUE statement to let the program interpreter to execute those instructions it in advance. Depending on the instruction mix, you'll need to set $ADVANCE=5 or

    b) design a state machine which will run in a .sps file, which will handle all the communication in the background. While this approach is complex to program, it is more flexible.