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    I did not think you were rude at all. As a mater of fact I thank you for reminding me (and the others) of the dangers we play with day to day. You are 100% right. Anyone can read the things we post and learn how to adapt and modify robot systems. Putting some of these instructions together you could cause damage the robot or the operators. Please keep posting things like this to keep us all reminded of the dangers.

    By the way I would have sad "armature" rather then inexperienced, that would have really ruffled feathers!


    There is nothing wrong with having an "if" in a pstart line. However if the input is not on at the time the cursor hits that line the "if" is false and the job will not be pstarted. Check the wiring on the input to make sure it's not flickering.

    The over run recovery button is in the play back box. The problem can be in the card on the back of the play back box (called theMSP02), or the cable that runs from this card to the I/O rack (I've seen it get pinched in the door) or the MIF01 card. Be very careful with the MIF01 card, it has all the robot memory on it.

    You will have to call Motoman in to remove the unused axis. You need the high level code to remove these axis. Have them change you robot to MIG welding at the same time.

    Is 'single/multi job' turned on or off? In teach hold the asterisk key and press 4 or 7 (I can never remember witch one). In teach to run parallel jobs with test start, you have to be in multi mode.

    Hello John,

    If you do buy MotoSIM please be sure to get MotoSIM EG VRC. The VRC (virtual robot controller) version of this software can take the ALLCMOS file of an existing robot and make the configuration in MotoSIM the same (external axis, jobs, TCP...).

    However, this only gives you the robot data. No tool, no fixture... You can contact Motoman to get a model of most welding torches you can then import to your model. As for the cell and fixtures, you would have to start drawing.


    The 1325 alarm comes up if the system stops communicating with any encoder. You can have this at two times. One, if the robot is running and the wire to the encoder brakes or is unplugged. The second is during boot up when the system is getting the pulse count from the encoder.

    If all 6 axis are highlighted when you get this alarm, something common is bad. The first thing I would start with is the 1BC cable. If you have another NX robot, all the 1BC cables are the same so you can swap it. The next thing I would check is the 24 volt out to the encoder system. The quickest way is to swap the AXA card with another NX robot (there is no data on AXA card so you can just swap it).

    The next thing would be to call Motoman and see if a service tech could come out and have a look.


    With XRC and beyond you can map the number key pad to activate outputs or do some functions. To get to this key mapping page you have to be in management security level and go to the setup icon. Under the setup icon you will find the "key allocation" button.

    By default the number keys and '.' & '-' keys are set to maker. If you highlight the key you want to map you will get a list of things you can do. This will over-wright the maker setting. In other words, if your robot is set for welding, the '9' key is wire feed forward as the maker. If you change this to output #2 on the wire feed associated with pressing the '9' will no longer work.

    The key pas can also be set to work by it's self or with the interlock key. When you are in the key allocation screen move the cursor up to display and press select. The selection of the two lists are there.


    The only place to get NX teach pendant cable connectors is from Motoman, attached to teach pendant cables. Working for Motoman Canada we found the connector manufacturer and asked for the parts and tools to replace broken ends. Their answer was "we are under license to sell these connectors to Yaskawa Electric Japan only!" We tried to explain we are one in the same, but it was a no go.

    By the way, we had a customer replace the cable ends with something they could get locally and got wires crossed up and blew up the power supply, main CPU, Pendant CPU and back plane for the rack. About $16,000 in parts not to mention the new cables and harnesses they had to buy.

    Tony's right, SHIFT+AREA will change the language ONLY if you have dual language and one is set to English.

    If you have installed a new XCP01 board or someone has tried to do a partial initialization or your memory is corrupt you can end up with Japanese only. You may need a service call to fix this.


    Just to let you know what you are asking for. The current model of controller from Motoman is the DX. Before that was the NX, before that was the XRC, before that was the MRC (and MRC II). Before the MRC was the ERC, before the ERC was the RX and the RG came before the RX. At the time of the RX and ERC there was no internet and therefore no need to make electronic versions of manuals. As the internet came along the ERC and MRC manuals were scanned into e-manuals. The ERC manuals were 75mm wide binders with loose pages. So if someone has an RX manual it would have to be scanned into a PDF.

    On a side bar, if this robot brakes down there are very few people who know anything about it and no spare parts.

    I use Winimage. I have a 32 meg card I made an image of and when I get a card that does not work I over write the card with the image that works. I've done the same thing with 64 Meg cards. Just to be on the safe side I made images of my 128 and 256 for the NX robots.

    The only thing I use Recovery Manager for is to make sure the card is a Sandisk. I have some that have the Sandisk sticker on the outside and do not work in an XRC that Recovery Manger says are Hitachi.

    The other way I fix cards it to put them in a Unix machine I have and format them in that.

    Canadian list price of Motoadmin is about $2000.00. You can talk to up to four robots. The license can be adjusted to more robots, cost I don't know. Each XRC will need a RS232 to Ethernet card and cable. The RS232 card needs 110v AC to run so if your robot doesn't have the 110 volt outlet on the side there is a charge for that. The last price I did for a RS232 to ethernet is $1000.00 per robot.


    Motoadmin was written by someone at Motoman Germany for the NX controller. I was able to get it to work on an XRC, but you need a ethernet to RS232 converter, and you have to set up the RS232 port on the front of the XCP01 card to work with data ( I would have to go back through my notes to find out what I did). It does not matter if it's North American or not, could be Motoman UK does not want to get into this product.

    The Motoadmin software is protected by an external key (plugs into USB port) I haven't found anyone who can crack this kind of software to make it run all the time.

    The other thing to know about Motoadmin is it's flaky. You have to have the robot in "remote" mode all the time or you loose communications. If you have a power outage in the plant you will have to reestablish communications manually (so if the robot has a major alarm like servo tracking you HAVE to reboot, you will loose communications).

    I can get you a price Canadian if you like.


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