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    #1. Don't compare one to the other. It's like speaking a different language, you have to immerse yourself in the working on.

    #2. Take a course on Motoman robots. For you, take the maintenance course.


    This is not the same problem. NX100 and XRC are very different. XRC can be single channel where NX100 is always dual channel.

    Please start a new thread with your problem on an XRC robot

    This is one of two things. You have a software miss match between the MCP01, MCP02, MIF01 and MSV cards, or the data connection between the MIF01 card and the pendant is bad. If no one has changed a board casing the software miss match, you'll need to replace the board on the back of the playback box, the I/O rack or the MIF01 cards ( in that order) to find the problem.

    Ще трябва да инициализирате robot и да презаредите архива си. Или купете нещо от този център.
    Ще трябва да инициализирате robot и да презаредите архива си. Или купете нещо от този център.

    If the +5 volt red LED is on, the problem is in one of the boards in the rack or the rack it's self. To resolve the problem you will need one of every board you have (XCP01, XCP02 option, and the power supply). Replace each board one at a time until the red +5 volt light does not come on.

    If the problem is in the power supply you're all good. If the problem is in the XCP01 card you will need the software that matches the software version on the WRCA card.

    Are you talking about mirror shift on the X-Z plane?

    Normally you make a job relative to something like the tool frame or a user frame. If the frame changes you can reteach the frame and robot will shift along with the change. If you have an R1 job you can make a job relative to a user frame, copy the job and change the control group in the header and make a new frame based on R2.

    You can do it with Motosim. If you don't have Motosim contact Yaskawa and ask about converting the jobs for you as part of the new robot purchase.

    You can also do it with relative job, however, you need to have relative job on both robots.

    Try your card in another robot. If it work, there is something wrong in this robot. If not:

    Go and buy a new CF card. Do not format it! Cards come formatted to work in many devices. Formatting a device in a Windows based PC will make it FAT32 or NTFS. The robot does not understand these formats.

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