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    Motosim 2022 is for Windows 10 only.

    Motosim 2022 SP1 will work with Windows 11 (or Windows 10)

    Motosim 2023 will work with Windows 10 or 11

    if you download the software from the Motoman partners website, you will get a version that is for Strategic Partners only. It will not work on a new install, it is meant as an upgrade to the partners version. Same ting happens with the Educational version and the Motosim touch version. Be sure to get the version that is right for your application. And always remember, this is Yaskawa, nothing is free.

    You can add anything you like to a robot. In this case the table will not be able to do coordinated motion, so if you only want to turn and then have the robot do work and then turn again... You will need to connect some outputs to tell the table when to turn, what direction and how fast, and some inputs to tell the robot when the table is in position. You will also need to connect the table power source to the servo on circuit in the robot so e-stop will stop the table as well. Good luck in getting the table approved for safety.

    Replace the MEW02 card first. It can be the "arc on" relay had died.

    Try to close the circuit for the arc on to see if the welder works.

    What interface is connected between the welder and the robot?

    Just like editing, end users can only load the SC, AP and RS parameters.

    If your backup device does not work, try initializing the RS parameters.

    The RS parameters need to be set correctly for the device being used. Once initialized you can choose FC1 or FC2. Always choose FC2 with FDE for Windows.

    Other problems with doing backups can be;

    1) Connection cable. You MUST have a Nul-Modem cable. If you use a parallel cable on an MRC you will blow up the communication chips on the MSP02 card (the one on the back of the playback box).

    2) The MSP02 card is bad

    3) The MIF01 card is bad

    4107: your robot has lost the home position. Check if the value of the encoder in the home position menu are ok. if someone has a * you have lost the data of that axis and need to rezeroing.

    This is incorrect! 4107 means the last known position of the robot is not the same as the current position at startup. This can be from a power outage when the robot was moving, replacing a motor, bad harness, someone unplugging the encoder cable with the power on or the brakes are slipping. Try to confirm the "second Home" position first! do not re-zero your robot! If you have a "*" for abso data do the backup recovery.

    The cable needed for communication on the MRC is a standard nul-modem cable. Because you are trying to communicate with an MRC you will need a 9 to 25 pin adapter.

    Without the FDE software you will have to re-invent the wheel to get the communication to work.

    Without the software to load your backup back into the robot, the robot will be in the default Japanese configuration. Most MRC robots do not have a dead-man by default. If your robot has the dead-man add on (or if you have one of the last software versions that had the dead-man built in and your robot does not have a dead-man) you need to set your robot up to meet the options you have.

    The memory is corrupt. You'll have to initialize the robot and start over. You'll need to have a full backup of everything from before this happened.

    Worst case is the MIF01 card is bad and needs to be replaced.

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