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    we are facing strange problem in Fanuc Arcmate 100ic R30iB controller.

    When we are running the program in AUTO mode and pressing the emergency button then robot get stop and after reseting the emergency it is not starting from that program line and getiing aborted and go to start point.




    I am trying to create the USER FORM in Roboguide.

    I created WLADAPENGL.ftx file and build it.

    It created .tx and .vr and .kl files.

    Now i created another FORMTEST.kl file in which I called the form.

    But when I run the formtest.pc file it show the message

    VARS 011 No data defined for program.

    Roboguide version is Version 9

    hi I am having same problem.

    when i press the deadman switch it shows Ackn A2 without power

    when i replace the KSD with new one then after 30 minutes there is another error ACKN A5 without power.

    In a span of 2 hours my twp KSDs are faulty.

    Please help


    I have Roboweld with RJ3iB mate controller.
    There is a PLC connected to Fanuc robot through CRMA79.

    In this CRMA 79 first 12 DOs are UOPs going to PLC.

    UOP Auto Assignment = NONE

    I want to remap the first 12 DOs from 13 to 20 of CRMA79 and rest 4 on CRMA81

    If I do this then how I will re-route the signals like CMND ENABLE,SYSRDY and others to pin no 13 to 20 of CRMA 79 and CRMA81.
    Do I have to manually change the each and every single UOP to new Outputs(13 to 20) or is there other way.

    We have KR30 HA with KRC2 ed05.
    We faced some problem in robot and we loaded the Archive.
    After loading the recent archive file we are facing problem.
    Our world frame is rotated by 90 degree.
    means now our X+/- is moving in physically in Y+/- direction.This is happening when we are jogging the robot in world frame.we are not running any program otherwise we could have doubt on base frame data.
    But while jogging this is happening, which is strange.


    We are continously facing the error THSR 30.
    We have R30IB mate controller with Linclon power source.

    Robot Arcmate 100ic/8L


    Yes this robot is connected to Sensor throgh optical cables as the distance between the sensor and robot controller is 12 meters.

    Earlier we were facing error like MIGE 114 Communication Error( H: hardware) we changed the model and now the same error is coming but this time it is MIGE 114 communication error( h: data format)

    SENS 004 is also coming along with this error.

    We have a robot M20ia with R30iB mate controller.
    We using it for Aluminium die casting machine to pick the part and place on a fixture.
    We are using the "soft float"option when robot goes inside the Die casting machine to pick the part.
    Sometime, the part got struck and "collision alarm occurs". Then we have to manually reset the robot to home position and run it again.

    We want that in case of collission alarm, the robot should resume the program after clearing the collision condition and pressing the reset.

    collision occur---------------> operator check the reason of collision and rectify---------->Press RESET on TP------> robot resume the program from next line.

    Please suggest how this can be done.