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    Loading DCSIOC.SV and DCSPOS.SV from RoboGuide to my real Robot, for DCS setup, notice when I hit load from the Menu File utility it asks if I want to Convert ? yes/no. What is this for anyone know?

    cant unless I get permission with a redacted version from my customer - working with FANUC but they're slow as molasses

    Anyone setup IIC for Robot to Robot using Critical Zone in RoboGuide? - have a couple of


    with RIPE active and using Check combination setup

    - Have Robot 1 Rob+Hnd linked to Robot 2

    - Have Robot 2 Rob+Hnd linked to Robot 1

    - have Critical Zone (using Box Fixture model) set up on Robot 1 - interconected DIO

    This is all I see watching a 2016 Fanuc IIC webinar lacking finer detail - the Manual is

    terse too!

    Anyway doesnt work Robot 1 happily enters zone and exits - Robot approaches then is

    locked with a SSPC-103 error

    IIC comes with 10 Hand, Fixture and Check models - has anyone successfully increased the number of either? - FANUC told me to change $IA variables - I tried in RoboGuide using Controlled Start to inncrease Fixtures and Checks to 15 but nothing changed in IIC - still at 10 each

    Using the Navigate iPendant (JCGTP) notice after a time period it closes - assume a timer is controlling - can I access and lengthen this timer?

    Ok - well we had 3 identical robot s delivered with Col Guard option - 2 have that variable set just one did not - so weird - thanks again

    Have options for Collision Detect installed - when I try to use COL GUARD ADJUST <val> in a TP (group 1) routine I get

    MOTN-404 Group 1 does not support HSCD

    when I go to the Menu -> Setup -> Coll Guard I see Group 1 / Enabled at 100% - if I I press Group button and enter 1 get "selected group doesn't support HSCD"

    Any ideas why anyone - thanks

    Everytime I open up my workcell in Handling Tool (Version 9 Rev W) the virtual camera in the vision properties is 'ticked' enabled but trying to run a vision job from TP gives 'CVIS-098 The Camera is disconnected' - have to disable - cycle controller - enable - cycle controller. Heck is this a FANUC bug I have to bear ???

    Would like to get date/time from an SNTP server - cant find anyway on a Fanuc to implement - anyone have experience in similar i.e. synching date/time on robot as a client

    Have Ver 9 Rev W Handlingtool running - from a video I was made aware of an 'External Devices' feature in the Cell Browser - its not on mine. Do I need to re-install Roboguide - is there a way to enable this feature ?

    Is setting of default TCP programmable - is there an instruction ??? - I know you can set on the pendant in jog mode and of course a Move executed with \ToolData sets too - but I want to set in a function or procedure

    Does anyone know if jobMode is a reserved word in RAPID ??

    I have a RECORD and if I cast a variable jobMode from it i get an error(103) type mismatch

    if I use jobMod as variable fine no error - wierd ?!?!?

    I have triple checked I have not used jobMode as another type in any of my tasks !!!

    In Roboguide have several tools UT:1 to UT10: - I created a parts list - when I go to UT:1 properties > Parts they're inactive so cannot select. However all of the others UT:2 to UT:10 DO allow me to select Parts ??

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