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    cant unless I get permission with a redacted version from my customer - working with FANUC but they're slow as molasses

    Anyone setup IIC for Robot to Robot using Critical Zone in RoboGuide? - have a couple of


    with RIPE active and using Check combination setup

    - Have Robot 1 Rob+Hnd linked to Robot 2

    - Have Robot 2 Rob+Hnd linked to Robot 1

    - have Critical Zone (using Box Fixture model) set up on Robot 1 - interconected DIO

    This is all I see watching a 2016 Fanuc IIC webinar lacking finer detail - the Manual is

    terse too!

    Anyway doesnt work Robot 1 happily enters zone and exits - Robot approaches then is

    locked with a SSPC-103 error

    IIC comes with 10 Hand, Fixture and Check models - has anyone successfully increased the number of either? - FANUC told me to change $IA variables - I tried in RoboGuide using Controlled Start to inncrease Fixtures and Checks to 15 but nothing changed in IIC - still at 10 each

    Using the Navigate iPendant (JCGTP) notice after a time period it closes - assume a timer is controlling - can I access and lengthen this timer?

    Ok - well we had 3 identical robot s delivered with Col Guard option - 2 have that variable set just one did not - so weird - thanks again

    Have options for Collision Detect installed - when I try to use COL GUARD ADJUST <val> in a TP (group 1) routine I get

    MOTN-404 Group 1 does not support HSCD

    when I go to the Menu -> Setup -> Coll Guard I see Group 1 / Enabled at 100% - if I I press Group button and enter 1 get "selected group doesn't support HSCD"

    Any ideas why anyone - thanks

    Everytime I open up my workcell in Handling Tool (Version 9 Rev W) the virtual camera in the vision properties is 'ticked' enabled but trying to run a vision job from TP gives 'CVIS-098 The Camera is disconnected' - have to disable - cycle controller - enable - cycle controller. Heck is this a FANUC bug I have to bear ???

    Would like to get date/time from an SNTP server - cant find anyway on a Fanuc to implement - anyone have experience in similar i.e. synching date/time on robot as a client

    Have Ver 9 Rev W Handlingtool running - from a video I was made aware of an 'External Devices' feature in the Cell Browser - its not on mine. Do I need to re-install Roboguide - is there a way to enable this feature ?

    Is setting of default TCP programmable - is there an instruction ??? - I know you can set on the pendant in jog mode and of course a Move executed with \ToolData sets too - but I want to set in a function or procedure

    Does anyone know if jobMode is a reserved word in RAPID ??

    I have a RECORD and if I cast a variable jobMode from it i get an error(103) type mismatch

    if I use jobMod as variable fine no error - wierd ?!?!?

    I have triple checked I have not used jobMode as another type in any of my tasks !!!

    In Roboguide have several tools UT:1 to UT10: - I created a parts list - when I go to UT:1 properties > Parts they're inactive so cannot select. However all of the others UT:2 to UT:10 DO allow me to select Parts ??

    In Roboguide my Robot Properties 'Lock All Location Values' is enabled BUT grayed out so cannot uncheck to change locations. Have no idea how this happened??