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    Hi, I'm new to the forum, so please let me know if this isnt the correct place to ask this.

    We are building a battery powered robotic spraying machine for agricultural use and are trying to select a battery. Continuous power of around 1.5kW at 48V with peak power or 2.2kW, so roughly 40A peak output. Ideally 3 hour run time, so approximately 100Ah (5kWh) capacity.

    There are plenty of LiFePO solar batteries that fit that spec at a sensible cost, but my concern is around how changing the load and charging characteristics could mess with the BMS built into this kind of battery. Really dont want a dead (or exploding!) battery after 10 minutes of use. Has anyone specified a similar battery in the past, or adapted a solar style battery for robot use in the past? Any advice gratefully received!

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