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    Yes, I got info from the EDS file.

    I made a mistake, Devicenet IO card I need to connect is BK5210 instead of BK3150.

    I edited my EIO.CFG file, but when i try to load it (System Parameters ->Load Saved Parameters) I get an error 60011 (Loading of parameters in hd0a/...... cannot be fulfilled). I only added first unit in EIO_UNIT_TYPE.


    after X start i can choose only one system.

    I made a backup and there is a EIO.CFG file in /NV_SYS/BACKUP/BAK0714/SYSPAR.

    In this file i can choose configurations from previus configuration of robot (welding control elements connected via ProfiBus). Why do I see these configurations even though I have installed a new system?

    From what I understood, when I want to edit the eio.cfg file, in the first stage I have to make a backup, then edit the file and finally upload the stettings using the RESTORE function?


    first of all, sorry for my lack of knowledge but this is my first contact with ABB robot.

    I have to connect ABB S4C+ Robot and Beckhoff BK3150 Bus Coupler via DeviceNet.

    As far as i know, first at all i have to configure eio.cfg file but i can't see this file and SYSPAR directory.

    Some time ago robot gets new operating system.

    What should I do to connect these two devices?

    2uIav1P.png yzSmHfJ.png

    Thank you

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