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    300 mm/sec is pretty slow. What's the speed in one such movement command where the robot generates that fault? And what's the general override while it's executed? Many robots make up to 4000mm/sec so for example if you call a movement with 10 % speed in that command and you run it with 100% override... that's still more than your DCS allows the robot to.

    Thank you for your answer.

    1. when the robot generates that fault, the actual speed while robot are moving is accelerated up to 4000mm/sec

    2. in fact, somtimes it was working well and robot maintains a speed up to 310mm/sec (at top of the teach pendant, called 100% speed i can saw)

    3. general override while execution is 100%

    Hello, Everyone

    I am the end user of the fanuc automation robot (Lrmate 2000id, R30 controller). I received an alarm "SRVO-403, DCS Cart Speed limit (No 1: G2 limit CTRL G2)" two weeks ago
    The robot was installed in 2020, and there was no problem before
    So I tried very hard to solve it, but I couldn't

    The auxiliary axis speed seems to have exceeded the limit (dcs Cartesian speed limit exceeded)
    limit : 330mm/s, when exceeding : up to 2000mm/s ~

    No alarm when robot is stationary
    The manual mode (tp on, controller t1 or t2) allows me to control the robot freely
    But when i start the robot in automatic mode (tp off, controller auto)
    The robot speed immediately exceeded the dcs limit and an srvo alarm occurred.

    When the dcs speed limit is disabled, the robot moves at high speed on the rail without stopping

    All parameters have been identified with auxiliary axis such as acceleration while moving, dcs speed limit changes, mechanical parts (rail, auxiliary servo gear, energy chain, guide roller)
    and electrical components (aux servo, pulse coder)

    There are also no alarms for electrical components.

    Someone told me that it causes the servo motor to operate at high speed due to the high friction applied to the rail while moving. Is this possible?

    and also, what are the main causes of speed exceed while moving on rail? even though the speed is already defined.

    thank you so much for your helps.