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    I HAVE PROBLEM IN R-j2 system so i need software of handling tool 7D01/09I because its clear and intialization .

    please how could i install new sofware ?

    Because it need disks of software in controlled start intialization in handheld Bmon mode .

    dear massula

    thanks again for your interset

    i am using c3g only not plus

    model of robot :::: C3g-900

    and when i connect from my pc to robot control unit by serial cable :

    1-open transf but doesn't connect

    2-open kermit Ms dos but doesn't connect

    for your knowledge working from windowes xp 32

    could you send me your mail and i will send to you images from my pc and this system

    i did all steps in c3g plus also but not work (connect) :( :( :(

    thanks alot for your instructions but I have disks but no floppy disks

    so i have copy of files of C3G software and kermit program on flash memory

    and i try to connect to com 0 in panel by serial cable connection - usb to computer

    but not connect , so i try change baud rate speed but not work

    so Have u any idea for using C3g software by pc to install control unit sys.

    and these my mail :[email protected]